Thursday, September 16, 2010

"Idol in the middle of the night" Photos Released

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The still cuts of new program was released through cable TV MBC Plus Media's blog.

This program is "Idol in the middle of the night". In the first photo, it shows DJ DOC member Kim ChangRyul, SS501 member Kim HyungJun, HwangBo, Eun JiWon, Cool member Kim SungSu.

Kim SungSu who had a divorce after 6 years of marriage, gathered much attention. His perm hair and his unique comical expression will make you raise your thumbs up.

And the second photo shows rookie idol Infinite. Fans curiosity was aroused when seeing them dressed in pyjamas and kneeling down as if they were being punished.

MBC Plus Media's representative left a message "Heart throbbing. What is this new concept program about? With the appearance of great guests, it is already gaining much anticipation."

Idol in the middle of the night will start airing in end of September.

Baby and Hwang Buin in the same show!!! woohooooooo!!!! and starting to talk on twitter WUUUUTT?! *goes crazy*

I'm so behind on the news again huhuhu~ Sorry sorry ;___;


archi said...

SH, are you referring to a twiiter account named "kimhunjoung"? i think that's not shillang's twitter. as i know, HJ doesn't have a twitter account. i've checked its friends (who he's following) and none of them is ss501's member (hyung jun, ju min, & kyu jong have "official" twitter account). if that's really HJ's i think it's impossible he's not following them. its twitpic account too. shows another man photos, instead of HJ's (or ss501) photos. so i think that really isn't HJ's.

archi said...

but thx for the update~! very happy & really excited to watch the show! i hope the show invites not only hung jun, but also the rest of ss501 members (aka shillang)~! wohoo! XD

archi said...

woah! what am i doing! XD
just got the idea! XD
just realized that you wrote "baby and HB", and baby means hyung jun. xD
*slap my own face*
read this kind of article right after wake up is not a good order. *self note*
i think i'm still dreaming.. XD

Anonymous said...

to the world!

Anonymous said...

HB with her favorite young master in the same show! ^^

babypam_08 said...

I'm really about this news. Can't believe it's happening. Same show and now twittering with each other. I'll definitely lose my mind once shillang and HB, tweets. More so, if they get married. It's okay if I go insane out if happiness. Worth it! Segyero!

Anonymous said...

hello! SH, wow another show of HB, I hope someone can upload it in YT... OMO! she will be with baby HJ, do you think KHJL told to baby hj to take care his Buin? hehehe :D

joongbo aja!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! thanks SH!!!
I´m so happy...I was waiting to HB and is better if she will be with Baby !!
I hope that they will become more friendly!!
What will be the new show´s name?

Kisses!!! bye


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think Shillang will tell Baby "hands off" lol.
I'm so excited to see her with one of the brothers on a show. I'm certain they will have lots of fun on the show.