Thursday, September 16, 2010

HyunJoong Diary Entry " ............"[Sept 12]

www.SS501ode/ +

The things I want to say will be revealed in 2 months time, Must-Catch-It-Live^^

These days I've learnt alot of the internet languages kkk, so I've got so many antis is it????? kk

Don't worry guys, I'm okay kk, I'm enjoying the situation now kkk, very interesting ne. I sound like a pervert, ahaha kk

Thank you anyway, 2 months later I'll tell you the things I wanna say, from the horse's mouth kk


Anonymous said...

OMO! I really excited and eager to know what he want to tell us within 2 months time... I wish he will told us that he will gonna marry our dear Buin!! YEHEY!! If that will be, I am so so so HAPPY !! TO THE WORLD!

cross fingers!