Thursday, September 16, 2010

Star Selca - Jung Somin First time taking wedding shot, 'suitable or not'?

Credit: isplus + (Chinese translation) í¹ßä @ + (English translation)

'Ddanddanddan~' held wedding with Hyun Joong.
Hani's love really turn fruitful and getting married to Seung Jo?
Actually it is an imaginary wedding.
First time wearing wedding gown after debut, how is it? Very suitable right?

Take a photo wearing the school uniform!
In the drama, Hani & Seung Jo live under one roof and also studying in same school,
so many scenes are taken together with Hyun Joong.
In the drama, Hyun Joong acted as a very self centered and arrogant role,
but actually he is very kind and amicable.


Anonymous said...

hehehe..JSM looked like solbi + Hwayobi..So HJ was once had a dream of pairing with each one in the we can see now..kkk.

Anonymous said...

Ha ni is cute too but most suitable with yoong seng type of face..

Anonymous said...

they look nice but i still love the pics of his wedding shoot with HB.. Oohhh! I start missing them again :(

Well,I must always keep believe and have faith :D


Anonymous said...

Hyung Joong, "stop taking wedding photo's", you're already married! lol. You must know by now, you look most adorable as a groom with your Buin, and I think we all know which Buin I'm referring too, haha.....

=p said...

He doesn't look so tired in these pics =p
Honestly, I was kind of weary about him in this drama but he has done nicely. This role fits him better.

Anonymous said...

they do look cute together^^

Anonymous said...

BSJ & OHN!such a loveable pair.I thought these two will be awkward, but HJ seems to be warming pretty easy.He seems to be joking & laughing a lot with her (see bts & interviews)
Playful Kiss' definitely rocking my boat!