Saturday, September 25, 2010

[Photos] Behind The Scenes On Hwangbo's New Sitcom


hwang buin's aegyo?? :o

oh sir, do not melt our unni with those eyes! xD

gorgeous *w*~~


Anonymous said...

HB looks beautiful and mature (^^)p
can't wait...^^

Anonymous said...

Hwangbo seems to be having lots of fun for filming of her mini series, Agent Kim Mr. Lee, haha, or was it the other way around.
Just looking at her photo picspam, this is what I like:
#2 - didn't realize before, but she has very beautiful lips, I guess it might have been what KHJ got drawn too, lol.
#3 - HB also happens to have a very beautiful smile. Shy at the same time.
#8 - I love her pose here, for some reason I love her photo's where she is wearing jeans, just plain with a white shirt, very seductive. It might be why KHJ loves her in a (his) white shirt, lol. This is Ssangchu Heaven,right?
#12 - Again, Hwangbo can be very seductive. I love what they did to her here 'the creation' I love it. Guessing a guy is her stylist and makeup person, a woman?

Thanking you again SH, for your blog, and thanks for HB picspam.

Anonymous said...

@my comment above., so I got carried away. Didn't realize it, but my comment includes not only the news on her sitcom, but also her Cyworld Album Update, haha. I just scanned all her photos down with excitement. So #8 would be one and so forth, sorry....