Tuesday, September 21, 2010

[Photos] Hwang Buin Thai Magazine Spread

WOOHOOOO! glad she had these scans up on her minihompy! xD
She looks absolutely gorgeous!!!!
 I especially like the second pic, and the one when she was wearing a white dress!
Why didn't they make those the cover? ahh~~

Does anyone have the translation too? I wanna know what the cover story is *w*~~


Anonymous said...

SH :D thanks for uploading this... love it! HB is so so beautiful,the 2nd and 3rd pics is the most I like..


lulybunny said...

She is so gorgeous.

I've been prowling around for months now. Thank you so much for this blog, love it!

zhangnn said...

Hi there! Yes! Hwang Bo is really gorgeous! Luckily you found these pictures on her minihomepy. I was thinking of scanning this magazine and send it to you but afraid of low quality scanned image hee..hee...

The magazine says Hwang Bo is beautiful from inside-out (we all know, right) and has some photo during her 3 days visit to Thailand on beginning of this month. She came to Thailand for her fan meeting (I missed the chance to see her in person T-T) and magazine photo shoot. She also went to feed orphan at one of orphanage in Bangkok with her fans.

Anyway, BB how can I send photo to you? There are few more pages about her activity in this magazine. I'll scan and send it to you.

Anonymous said...

I envy this particular wonderful lady Hwang Bo.She's an all rounder,be a girl,a friend,a girlfriend,a celebrity,a singer, a cook,a tailor, a social worker,a counselor,a housekeeper,a pet lover,people love her laugh,her smile,her slaps ,her helps,her food n her existence,but still waiting her to be a housewife..

chelsea said...

omgosh, hwangbuin is as gorgeous as everrrrr (: I wish I could be like her teehee!