Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hwang Buin On Thai TV!

I laughed, and I cried in this video..

To our Angels from Thailand, can you please translate the first part? :o
I really am curious about the intro ahihihi~

[btw, I see cati!!! and the aegyo omg!! you guys are JJANG!!!! xD]


Anonymous said...

sh; thank you.We want some more.Pleaaaaaaase..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said... could anyone not love her. I don't think he'll give up on someone he thought was sent to him from God. I'm so happy everything is falling into place for her. So happy we get to see more of her.

Hwangbo fighting......TTW.....

Anonymous said...

i wish i could understand what she is saying.

babypam_08 said...

Thanks for sharing SH! Aigoo! She did Segyero right? This made me cry too. Chances are Ill cry too when I get to meet HB. I really love her. She's the best!

Anonymous said...

The song she sang at the last part was the one where Shillang (Manager Kim) gave her missions right? awwww... I want to watch that episode again (I dont know how many times I have watched joongbo cuts) *immediately picks my phone and watch the episode*..


Anonymous said...

starting at 1:13, it seems as though she's tearing up.

Praew said...

for people who are curious about what the person is saying at the start then....ill try my best to translate it :))
today, even if it is the second time that the sexy singer hwangbo has travelled to thailand, it is the first time that she will be able to interact closely with her thai fans.
For all hwangbo-lovers in thailand, this will be the first time that they will be able to come to this meet-and-greet event, called "a moment in time with hwangbo 2010".
The atmosphere, in this nearly 3 hours fanmeet, all hwangbo's fans have been given a chance to talk to her and ask her questions about herself.
Moreover, she has also participated in a charity event with her fanclub to the children's home, which left both the fanclub and hwangbo with great memories together.
During this event both hwangbo and her fanclub expressed how much they missed each other with words, facial expressions, actions and even tears, as you can see here in the video.
[may not be 100% accurate, but the person speaking was a bit confusing to listen to so..i tried my best ;P]

and for the interview part:
HB: i have been to thailand before, ten years ago, and thailand was the first foreign countries ive ever visited in my life. which also allowed me to be able to ride on a plane, for the shooting of my music video. And thailand, in my memories, is a very good place, and of course, memories in the past and memories that are to be made this time will be different, but the thing that will never change are the smiles and the kindness of the thai people.Thai people are still kind like i remembered last time, and i feel very happy and excited to be able to visit thailand again.

2ndpart: i think that thailand is like my second home, because thai people welcome me very kindly and warmly. i also know about how the thai people celebrate my birthday even though i am not here with them, and even arrange a party for me.i felt very shocked and also very touched and thankful. i think that thai people are very kind and are people that smile all the time, they smile so much that i feel like smiling with them. everyone's smiles are very beautiful.

the man speaking at the end: hwangbo has said that she will remember the things that happened today and also said that even though this trip has been short, but she feels that she has become a family with the thai people.