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Joongbo Episode 3 Quotes

Episode 3

Hyungdon: Just now, before filming I heard Andy on the phone with Hwangbo. I was talking to her but her reaction before she picked up was funny, "Oh! It's my Andy!"
HB: No! No!
Hyungdon: It isn't true?
HB: You're really mean...
Hyukjae: Hyunjoong, how are your feelings regarding this situation about your loving wife saying "Oh! it's my Andy" before she picks up the phone?
HJ: Well, just act like I don't know anything about it.
HB: *laughs*

HJ: Whoa it's fantastic! Is it rented?
HB: Is that important?

HJ: Is this a swimming pool?
HB: Let's try it later on.
HJ: But the water bill would be no joke. I need to do an event to even afford a bath here!

HB: It's still awkward to be with me, right?
HJ: No~
HB: I still feel awkward..
HJ: Really? I need to work hard so you won't feel awkward anymore.
HB: *laughs* I'm sure it will get better.

HJ: Wow! Look at all the ice!
HB: I'm planning to put them in the pool, then put the drinks there.
HJ: In there?
HB: Then we can just take the drinks out from there.
HJ: But this isn't Antarctica...


HJ: I was planning to live in a thatched house once I earn a lot of money. I don't really care about the size, as long as there's no cockroach.

After seeing Hwangbo's big banner, Hyunjoong puts it up infront of the piano.

HB: You won't be embarrassed if your friends see that?
HJ: Of course not.
HB: I never asked you to put it up.
HJ: No, this is not something to be embarrassed about...

Hyunjoong sees Hwangbo's trash can.

HJ: Oh! It's a urinal!

Hyunjoong sees Hwangbo's sequined shirt.

HJ: I think this would've been a good armor during the war.

HB: Have you tried an apron before?
HJ: But for me...Whenever I see white stuff, I immediately think of writing my signature in it.

HJ: Since I'm living with you now, my fans made "The Love Life's Should & Shouldn't". It's good to follow this.
HB: Which one are you following well?
HJ: "Earn big bucks."

Hyunjoong told Hwangbo about the guitar case that he can't open.

HB: So you want me to open this for you? *laughs*
HJ: Open it with a spoon for me!
HB: Tell me honestly.. Why did you marry me?
HJ: For the comfortable life...

HB: "Guljo"... What's "Guljo"?
HJ: "The Walking Sculpture". Do you want a nickname too?
HB: No... Like what?
HJ: Hmm..
HB: "The Walking Tool"?

HJ: Nowadays there are yellow peppers too?
HB: You didn't know?
HJ: I only know the red and green ones...
HB: The yellow one has 20 times more vitamins than the green one.. That's really good for you.
HJ: They modified the genes?
HB: You know too much...

HB: You don't know who's coming today right?
HJ: Is the guest female or male?
HB: Which do you prefer?
HJ: Rain.
HB: They said it won't "Rain" today... I'm sorry.
HJ: *stares at Hwangbo*
HB: Ya! You're the one who started it, why are you staring at me like that?
HJ: I didn't stare at you.. I just looked if you're doing well...
HB: I'm speechless.. But aren't you learning from me?
HJ: Yep~!

HB: Why do you have to do an event on such a busy day like today?
HJ: I have to earn money... I have to earn money so Buin can relax at home...

Hyunjoong sat on the table while eating the special toast Hwangbo made for him.

HJ: This is healthier than delivered ones right?
HB: Of course! I didn't put any flavorings... Oh wait! I forgot something!
HJ: The corn?
HB: Yeah.. How did you know?
HJ: That's why I asked whether this was healthier than delivered pizza!
HB: Then why didn't you tell me?
HJ: No need.. It won't make a difference anyway.
HB: But still.. It would've been better...
HJ: It's okay.. It's delicious~
HB: I forgot another one!
HJ: Pineapple?
HB: ...But if I put too much ingredients it won't be good.
HJ: That's right. How can you put all of that on this small thing? If you look at it, the peppers are enough!

HJ: I'm curious... Why didn't you put the yellow pepper for me?
HB: No that's not it.. I wanted to cook it fast for you..
HJ: But you said the most nutritious one is the yellow one~!
HB: What do I do???


HB: I'm realizing it all the time.. He's very detailed! He's seriously detailed! It's scary. How did he know the corn was missing... You know what I mean, right? All I did was say "Omona!" and he replied, "The corn?".

I don't know if he's detailed.. or interested in the toast... or me. I think he's smart but people usually don't realize it.

The funny thing is that he didn't tell me even though he knew it was missing.. By looking at that, he seems caring and considerate. He's like an adult in those kinds of moments. He's afraid that I'd feel embarrassed, that's why he didn't scold me. I think he's matured by looking at that.

Because Hyunjoong sat on the chair, it made 3 bent holes on the trash can's lid.

HJ: Whoa, it's bent!
HB: You sat here too comfortably..
HJ: I think my butt bones stick out.
HB: What should I do with this?
HJ: Look at this! It's just like the "Scream"! Please fix it with the tools!


HJ: Wife is very vivacious but if you look closely, she's really more feminine than you think.

HJ: I can't clean up the place.. I'm sorry.
HB: You know how to say those things?


HB: Of course I don't like to be alone. That was kinda sad but the good thing was that I felt as if we were a real couple. When he left the house I said "Come home safe", and he replied "I'll come early". I told you we can communicate! He said he will be back quick so I just told him to come home safe. And it was a nice feeling to wait for him... It was nice... Staying alone didn't feel too bad.

HB: What's that?
HJ: Energy drink.
HB: You bought them? Why?
HJ: I thought you must be tired.
HB: So you bought them for me? I feel like crying...
HJ: Do you want to have two then?
HB: *laughs and spits out some of it*
HJ: Why spit it out? You shouldn't! It's so wasteful.

HJ: You filled the pool? Actually I wanted to get a boat with a controller to try in there.. but I was too busy to buy it.. I regret it now.
HB: A toy boat? He's still young..

HB: Do you know who my guests are?
HJ: I have no idea.. But I'm guessing they will be heavy drinkers.

HB: They're here!
HJ: *stopped moving and just stayed still*
HB: Why did you stop?
HJ: They might be strangers.
HB: You're guilty of something, huh?


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