Thursday, May 7, 2009

Kim Hyunjoong Dynamic Kin Preview


Before the Hollywood Bowl, Hyunjoong had the time to slip in one more commercial. This time it isn't another Haptic Mission, but instead it's for Coca Cola's Dynamic Kin.

Acting as couples, Kim Hyunjoong & Park Shin Hhye were awkward at first, as it is their first time working together. On an interview, Hyunjoong mentioned how lucky he is for being cast on hit drama "Boys Before Flowers" & having an award for his acting. "I can never imagine having this kind of luck."

The filming took three days to shoot, and the 30 second CF will be released soon. There was a rumor that Hyunjoong recorded a song for Dynamic Kin, but we all have to wait and see!




myghostgarments said...

*shriek* i don't like it! haha. i saw the picture load, before reading the title, i totally freaked..i thought he was being linked to this girl. that would be so uncool. ^^i didn't know i would react like this when seeing someone with hyunjoong that's not hwangbo.

Anonymous said...


Omomo~ Nonono~ The last picture, no way, jose!!!!
Will they really kiss on screen???? Gaaaaahhhhhhh~~~~!!!!!!!

He's waaaaaaaayyyyy tooo hawt for her!!! ><;;

Will Booin be watching...? Hmmm..?