Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Questions/Suggestions Etc Update

OMG.. since June 23 I haven't checked it, sorry!!!

century_egg said...
thanks for the reply! much appreciated!

==== no problem ^^

Anonymous said...

First off, I visit your site multiple times a day and really appreciate the amount of time you put into it. Thanks for all of your hard work. I receive much enjoyment from the site. My first questions is what is the direct e-mail address to your site? My computer does not have Outlook and I am not able to e-mail the link you have because of this. Secondly, is there a way to find out who the man is in the photo with Hwangbo in Hanbok? Hoping this was a photo shoot only but with the face blanked out it makes you wonder.

==== thank you so much!!!~~ it's btw :)

and oh.. i dunno who the guy is either, but the photoshoot was taken a long time ago, so don't worry hehe~

Anonymous said...

hellos. (: ii wanted to ask how's ur blogskin done? ^^ cause ii've been thinking of doing a blogskin like this, with the profile on the left side, & the top with clicking links! thanks. ^^

==== oh, i don't really know how to explain it.. but if you go to View, then page source, you can see the code for this blog, and you can just change the blog header, background photo and colors ^^

Anonymous said...

dear, ssangchu heaven
I can not see video "HJ smiling at joongbo poster at taiwan" because tudou video can not be seen at Japan. Can you put it again on youtube or daily motion? please... thxb4 :)

==== i don't have it on dailymotion, but you can see it here:

rachel said...

thank you so much for maintaining this site. i check it out several times a day for joongbo updates. keep up the great work and thanks again!

==== thank you so much for visiting the blog~~ and you're welcome!!

Anonymous said...

hey, may i know who sang the song 'i'm sorry i love you'? thanks for the site. (:

==== I love you is by Navi ^^ and no prob :DDD

Anonymous said...

hello, i just want a dvd copy of WGM badly...
pls help me...
i have a youtube downloader, so i can download vids of joong bo wgm there, but it takes too much time and memory...
so.... pls help me.....
where and how can i download wgm joongbo eps with eng subs????
and how to put it in a dvd???
thanks so much!!

==== under downloads, there are links for all the wgm videos, and no youtube downlaoder is needed ^^

SplendidVenus said...

Hi how are you??, well I Love this site is so cool, and I love ssangchu couple too!!!, so, I want to share links with you if you want my site is so, see it and leave me a comment with your answer thanks!!

==== thank you so much!!! i shall check your blog today!!~

liliy said...


just have i question to ask..
do you know the title of english song played at their last episode?
it plays after the song "i belive" and right after HJ said HB shoud't come to jeju for her real honeymoon,
please...just let me know the title & the singer if u dont have time to search for the song,


==== ahhh~~ that's Sara Bareilles "Gravity" a very lovely song!!!

Liezhelle said...


I think my comment on the previos page belongs here.. hehe..
anyway, I think there is missing on your last episode... I was looking for the "Im the star" scene, but when I hit on the S30-1 link, they were already in the mountain... 2nd link is the morning of the hiking, lastly is the message for each other...

i also checked episode 29, the last link there is they were running in the beach... i believe what I'm looking for is after the episode 29 and before episode 30 on your links provided.

Please correct me if im wrong, you could post the link here anyway.. :)

Thanks a lot!

-Liezhelle (PH)

==== I checked it again for ya ^.~ It's on episode 30, on the 6:44 mark ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
I just noticed that Hwangbo changed her miniroom pic on her Cyworld. Skeleton Boy isn't there anymore. :( BUT, it's raining and I can't help but think back to their Ssangchu Olympics!!

Anyway, just thought to pass it on. Thanks again for this awesome site!

==== I love it when she changed her miniroom *w*~~~ It really connects with what Hyunjoongie is doing!

leslie16 said...

i was just wonder if you could translate this little part in idol world where hwangbo is on.

it starts a 2:56

im not korean but i think they comment of how she just got married [hyungjoong] and then a bit later one of the ft island members asks if he likes her?? and she says she doesnt know??? it was during their we got married days

==== you can see that episode subbed here:
hope this helped!~

GaGa said...

Hi Ssangchu Heaven,
I'm not sure if I should post here? I want to ask if you know the date of Joongbo's WGM filming? Could you please let me know? Thank you.

==== Ah! April 29th was when they first filmed, and May 12th was their first WGM broadcast :D ^^

joongaddct said...

First of all, i want to thank you for creating this site. It's way coooler than most. since seeing joong n bof i've literally been addicted to watching everthing about him evn the ones that doesnt have subtitles. just love watching him even if i cant understand a word he's saying since im not korean. when not @ work, i just watch him amost non-stop on my Pc till dawn.(kinda pathetic, dnt you think)? But i just adore him!!!

Do you by any chance know who he is dating right now or who his past girlfriends are?

when i was watching some of the early WGM episodes in youtube , i read in one of the coments that he is rumored to be dating someone named Rain. I thnk it was even (subtly hinted) in one of their episodes in their firsthouse duringtheir preparation for housewarming. i googled it and searched in youtube but it eems to be a man. does this mean he's Gay. I'm sure there's a mistake somewhere so please enlighten me. Thank you.

==== i don't know who he has dated before but all i know is he had a girlfriend before debut. about Rain and him, no that's not true at all xD

Actually, he mentioned Rain because Hwangbo asked him who he wants to invite on the housewarming party. (Hwangbo was linked to Rain since they were always paired togetehr before ^.~). He said it to tease her ^^


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your help always ^_^

hana said...

hi SH, how r u.. its been a while for me not to post any comments in your blog but i do visit it every day ehehehehe...
now, i've found out that u r not a korean :)), oh my, i thought all this while u r a korean coz u r able to translate from korean to english n very good at it...
BTW, i'm still waiting for the next episodes of WGM to be translated from u :))
have a nice weekend and take care.
joongbo fighting!!