Monday, June 7, 2010

Big Bang DaeSung’s Surprising Statement, “My rival? Kim HyunJoong.”

credit: newsen + kbites 

Big Bang DaeSung picks SS501 Kim HyunJoong as his rival.

On KBS 2TV ‘Late Night Variety Night Star’, DaeSung had made a surprise voice appearance on the show through Yoon JongShin’s phonecall. Yoon JongShin then tried to find a topic to keep the phone conversation going between DaeSung and SHINee Onew, and asked, “I’m next to your rival. Who do you think he is? Who is you rival amongst the idols?”

DaeSung answered, “Is he Kim HyunJoong?” Yoon JongShin then said, “You have aged much after all. This is fun.” And when asked, “Are there are rivals in SM members?” DaeSung answered with much variety sense, “SM, not yet. They are all wonderful people.”

Finally a conversation was established between Onew and DaeSung where they talked about musical appearances, however the awkwardness between the 2 is still obvious. The MCs also tried many ways to make the 2 idols closer by getting them to use causal language etc.


GaGa said...

I wonder why DaeSung said Hyun Joong is his Rival!!
They don't have anything in common, the only connection they have is thru TOP, and just that last time Hyun Joong make a guest appearance to FO, DaeSung was absent because of his car accident.
I can't think of other reason!

Anonymous said...

maybe daesung and hyun joong are rival to get hyori unnie attention!just maybe...he3