Saturday, June 5, 2010

Hwang Buin's New Look!

She's back to blonde but now with longer hair :)

Btw, just to answer a question I had through email.. I do not own a facebook account ^^;
I heard there was one that uses the the email for Ssangchu Heaven, maybe they used it for reference purposes? I'm not sure hehe~ but I do not own it ^^;;


xaxa said...

She is also making a comeback, with a new look.First photos of this new look was released on the 3rd. Her comeback was one day earlier. kekeke..

I dont really like her short blonde hair image but i think this new look really suits her well. She is looking great! There is one more twitpic with this new look as tweeted by Brian (

dhi said...

I hope the new look is one of the birthday gift for him.. keke^^

Anonymous said...

WoW! New look, i like it, but I still love the most her black hair...


Anonymous said...


LvKprogram said...

I love her new hair color but I am not crazy about her outfit.

Skirt looks interesting but did not go with blouse nor the shoe.

Just my opinion.