Saturday, June 19, 2010

SH Corner #1: About Me, Comments, Etc. :)

It has been over a year since this blog has been made, and yesterday I just realized something. I received a very interesting email from a reader of this blog, asking me about the show when Hyunjoong chose Hyori over Hwangbo. I was surprised because first, this news was made a long time ago, and secondly, she wants my opinion hehe~ What hit me the most, however, was I became aware that I don't really comment much, or share much about my opinions. As the author of this blog, I don't really participate on discussions don't I? It took me over a year to know that.. and I am very sorry ^^;;

In this SH Corner, I wish to actually blog about my feelings regarding a certain situation/news, and also share a little bit about myself? haha.Also sometimes I write stuff on pictures that is completely irrelevant (my favorite reads, videos I like and other things) so I think it's best if I put them in one corner. AND if I am away/busy/spazzing, I can just have my "random posts" section (which includes the replies for the chatbox comments sometimes and other stuff) in one tab since they are pretty much all over the place. lol!

So...let's start with about me! I am an anonymous person! And I would like to remain anonymous actually xD~ It's a personal preference thing, and I hope you guys don't mind. I may not share what my real name is, or where I am from, but you guys know that what I write here is pretty much ME. ^^ I got a lot of mails regarding what my real name is, and some just settled with calling me Ssangchu Heaven. Truthfully, when I first got called "Ssangchu Heaven" on the blog, I was weirded out. xD I was like 'WUUUT that's not a name for a person!' xD But then it grew on me, and writing SH is not that bad xD So you guys can call me SH :) I like it!

Aside from my love of Joongbo, I am also fond of other things lol. You guys know I like LOVE Changmin of Dong Bang Shin Gi. I have several random posts about him lol. He is just the sexiest man ever. OMG. *goes away and looks for a picture of him*

I also LOVE school! I take pride in my grades hehe~ And also I am a little bit of a narcissist and I am very proud of my makeup and skincare obsession lol! If you guys have a question about anything that involves makeup, you can ask me. I love it!!!! And since mostly the readers of this blog are ladies, if you have any recommendations on stuff I can try, please do tell! I like it when I hear about products first then try it for myself. haha! Product hunting is pretty much my hobby. I have a few recommendations on a lot of stuff, but I'll put those in another post because this is getting too long again! Hopefully I didn't bore you with this post!

I guess until the next sh corner? Bye bye!!~ xDDD

[I'm crossing my fingers that it's interesting enough to publish lol. But I dunno.. I think I'll publish it.. I didn't edit but omg. okay I think I'll click publish. o.o;; I'm talking to myself.. omg omg okay..



Ssangchu Heaven said...

I published it!! Sorry for my rambling here hahaha xD

Anonymous said...

I like being anonymous too~ so it never occurred to me that we never got much info about you LOL I was just thankful that you keep updates on our couple hahahaha Actually I am interested in which product you would recommend for skincare... I like reading about those things too ;D

Anonymous said...

Dear's fun to see your personal thoughts and opinions...a little bit of the real person whose creativity and effort we all enjoy so much! I also follow some of the Latin novellas and their forums are full of much longer posts than I find on the Asian sites. People really give some detail on their thoughts and stuff they've found inspiring or thought-provoking and sometimes the posts will turn into really great conversations. It's so interesting, and I'm sometimes disappointed that the Asian style seems to be much more restrained. So I'm glad you've got fans!

Anonymous said...

I like it when you make this corner.. we are readers don't know know much about you.. So, it's kinda good that you reveal a little bit about yourself and your thoughts..
I like about skincare recommendation too, so next time maybe you could talk about it in your next corner.. ^^

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; LMAO! xDDD~ oh and yes, i love reading/watching videos etc too.. Anything that involves me pampering myself, I absolutely LOOOOVE! as bad as that sounds xDDD

anonymous; aww thank you so much *w*~~ There are many times that I actually wrote responses, especially on the controversial ones, like the Hong Kong incident, the Hyori Over Hwangbo situation.. but I never published it. I have it still saved on my archives, so I'll check back on them and maybe publish it as well haha~

anonymous; glad you like it! hehe~ i didn't know how people would respond to the sh corner coz it is so out of the blue.. haha! and yes, yes i will! thank you so much for the support!!!

*gives big hugs to everyone*

.a.n.a s.y.u.k.r.i.a.h. said...

Hi SH! I've been reading your blog since early this year after I've found out about Kim Hyun Joong. I've started becoming a fan of him since I watched WGM.And I must tell you that I've deeply fallen into his charm!

I must say that I love the way you commented on several issues (or negative comments) about KHJ or/and HB.Your responses are natural in which you didn't lean on any sites like several others did. Glad that I've found a blogger like you! ^.^

Keep up the good work! =)

p/s: I'm interested in make up and skin care as well. It would be nice if you do reviews on the products because I'm in love with Korean beauty products!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

Hey ana!! Uh oh are you a threat to Hwang Buin then? :o just kidding xDDD~

I'm glad you found my comments that way.. I've been always hesitant to respond to anything controversial.. I'm scared that I will be called biased ^^;; So thank you for saying that :)

OMG I love them too!!! But then again I find Japanese products work better for me, isn't that weird? o.o~~~

Anonymous said...

Hi SH! It's fine with me if you don't want to reveal who you really are coz for me I want to respect your personal things, just as long as you will always keep in touch with us regarding to inform and updated us about the activities of HB & HJ..(and also my loving micky & jj :D hehehe)... one thing also i like/love how you share your opinion and thoughts re the issue that you've been posting even if its a positive or negative issues,

I know that you are so so busy now that's why I would like to say a BIG THANKS coz you still put some time to update your blog so that we don't missed any event of HB and HJ. Just to let you know that we are always here to support you!! KEEP IT UP!

Good Luck and Take Care!!


babypam_08 said...

Hi SH, anonymous is good. However you like it hehe! You get Joongbo love across, that's what matters. We are all here for one reason. We love them and we'll continue to support them. We are reallu thankful that you keep us up to date on the both of them. Can't wait for Buin's visit to Manila too. To the world! :)

Ssangchu Heaven said...

leiron; you're always such a sweetheart!!! thank you for always supporting the blog! did you get to watch the jyj concert fancams? omg i was crying like crazy...

babypam; hihi~ thank you so much babypam! i wish they're gonna have a worldwide tour.. as a couple *evil laughs*

babypam_08 said...

By the way, apart from shaking hands with him, one fan of him said, seguero/ to the world. They said he smiled hehe! Miss them seeing them together. Joongbo fighting!

Anonymous said...

Hey SH! :D I was a very faithful reader of your blog for last year, but haven't visited this place for a while cos I've been so busy and it just slipped my mind. And just as I'm stressing out about my upcoming common tests right now, I suddenly recalled how I visited your blog like a few times day to check for your updates and stuff and how it takes me away from all the stress. I don't know how but it just happens, does this make sense? It's like a haven where I can forget about reality, and I think about joongbo moments (: I'm really a big fan of joongbo teehee, they're seriously my fave! So I'm really very grateful to you for keeping this blog going! And yes I'd absolutely love it if you'd share about yourself and your opinions too! :D Btw maybe you've already changed it long ago but I'm absolutely loving the new layout! :D
yups (: <3!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

babypam; omg!!! how cuute!!!! i wish there was a fancam though so we can spread it all over the world *evil laughs*

anonymous; thank you so much~~! i'm gladd this site serves as a stress reliever ahehehe~! and good luck on your exams :o

and yay kamsahamnida! i think this is the fourth or fifth layout i believe *let me check that*, but there will be a new one soon and i'm very excited for it *w*~~~

to the world!!