Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Twitter Trending Topic Projects!

Hey guys! I got a lovely email from Cal and she updated us on the current Twitter projects for June! Please mark your calendars~ hehehe~

The upcoming trending sessions are as follows:

  • #LoveYaSS501 - June 4th [This will be the day of their comeback with "Destination" on KBS Music Bank!]
  • #501HJLday - June 6 [Hyunjoong's 25th Birthday!]
  • #5yrSS501 - June 8 - [SS501's fifth anniversary!]
The trending sessions will start from 9pm-11pm Korea time. I will post reminders on those days which will be near the music player also :)

Here's a handy tool for time and time zone conversion: In case you're confused ^^



Sweet said...

Thax for spread out this news.
U r so sweet!
Love ya
Joongboers & Triple S together,hwaiting!

noirangel1213 said...

ThanKyu so much for your help spreading the trending topics! ^^ let's spread the love of SS501 and SSangchu couple ^^
SSangchu jjang!! XD

fellyz said...

Thanks for helping spread the news ^^
Let's be united and spread the love
Joongboers jjang!!
Love Ya~

violettacal said...

ThanKyu SH! I've announced your kind acts to the tweepeas already and I'm sure they are all prepared to welcome joongboers! Teeheehee.

#LoveYaSS501 Ssangchu heaven!

DalJoong said...

Thank you so much for spreading the love.

missed Ssangchu couple so much.
hope their love will be happy!

Anonymous said...

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