Wednesday, June 30, 2010

DSP “4 Members Of SS501 Are Resting And Deciding On Their Future”

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PhotobucketMale group SS501’s leader Kim HyunJoong has signed an exclusive contract with Bae YongJoon’s Key East, while the remaining 4 members are enjoying a break and deciding on their future advancement.

SS501’s contract with DSP Media was due at the beginning of this month. DSP revealed through an official press release on 29-Jun “Leader Kim HyunJoong has decided to sign contract with Key East which holds Bae YongJoon and Lee NaYoung under its company. However, the other 4 members have not come to a decision yet.”

In addition, DSP Media said “Kim HyungJoon has been doing DJ for SBS Power FM ‘Music High’ and seems like he has come to a decision. Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin are having a break for the time being and will be making their decision.”

SS501’s disbanding is still not confirmed yet. However, as a representative of Korean idol group in Asia region through their Asia Tour held last year, their fans in Asia will feel even more regrettable for SS501.

At this point I advise that the upcoming news will be read with an open mind as they can be the truth, hearsay, or made up stories by journalists. I am waiting for official statements from both parties, so right now, let's patiently wait. ^^


Anonymous said...

Well, rumor or not, I wouldn't put it past DSP, after all, the truth is, they didn't represent like they should have. Look at other idol groups and # of songs/albums released during their idol stints. SS501, how many within the past 5 years they were with DSP? Sadly, I think all true fans know. Of course, we can't forget the last part of 2008 and early 2009 when the company almost killed KHJ with exhaustion.
Of course, yes, DSP gets credit for making KHJ an idol, I'm sure he's thankful for that. On the other hand, my opinion about his popularity is due to WGM when BOF spotted him and signed him on for the drama, and from there on, was skyrocket. After all, KHJ did say in an interview, he joined WGM because SS501 wasn't doing too well. At the end of the day, I'm glad he signed different contract, cuz he knows what he wants, and he just wasn't getting it from DSP.
Kim Hyun Joong.....fighting

Anonymous said...

above comment..........
was too busy ranting, posted comment in the wrong comment box, the reply is to 'TSTW From JM, DSP Didn't Want KJ..This Is A True Leader'
Ssory, my bad.....if I could, I would put it in the right