Wednesday, June 9, 2010

K-POP Meets P-POP! Hyunjoong and Beast In Manila!

This concert is for the benefit of young mothers. ^^
KimHyunjoong and Beast will be there! I blogged a few days ago that I got confused because I thought it was Hyungjoon and UKISS, but yes! Hyungjoon and UKISS will be in the Philippines also (but on a different day ^^)!!

The concert will be on the 19th of June in Aranata Coliseum, Cubao, Philippines!
Ticket prices are as follows:

  1. Patron A - 7840
  2. Patron B - 6720
  3. Lower box - 4480
  4. Upper A - 3360
  5. Upper B - 1680
  6. General Admission - 784


Nicka1368 said...

this is a shock! ahahha can't believe that joogie is coming over here un the phils.. hope to see him up front! :D

Hungry Kitchen said...

T_T why only in Manila. Oppa should come to Cebu too *weep*

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Finally HJ will be here in the phils... jump!jump! hehehe :))