Saturday, June 12, 2010

[English Subbed] SS501 On KBS Radio Cool FM


Anonymous said...

Dear SH...a short 3 days makes this is already old news...but I still haven't been able to get this radio show out of my head, so here's my post anyway (just so you know we really do look at everything you put up...and appreciate you sooo much!!).

I was just boggled at Hyunjoongie's insanely goofy shower story (cracked me up that the boys joked they hoped there was going to be some point to it all by the end...hahaha). He's late for the show, says he has some fun stories prepared....and then this seemingly pointless A,B,C shower head ramble. What!?? I remember an interview from before WGM where he mentioned sometimes people think he's a little retarded (I think the spelling was something like "dol-i"), and that he didn't like that. But sometimes he's sooooooo 4D you can't help wondering. It reminds me so much of Buin really upset and frustrated over the first crane he made hiding for 20 minutes in the bedroom while she waited by the pool. She tilted her head at him and nearly cried: "I just want to understand you. I really want to understand you!" Clearly there was something that really struck him about his shower experience, but I don't think us ordinary humans will ever figure out that wavelength. He's the brother from another planet....the Little Prince wrestling with this fascinating, peculiar, difficult creature, the wand shower head. Somehow so loveable you almost want to cry.