Sunday, June 6, 2010

Twitter Trending Session Update!

Good morning everyone!! The lovely Cal updated us on the success of the twitter project!!

The June 4th and June 6th sessions are on the top trending topics!
Thanks for everyone who participated!!
and just so you know there will be another one on the 8th, which is SS501's fifth anniversary :)!!!
Let's make #5yrSS501 number #1 also! YEEEE!!

[[[The trending sessions will start from 9pm-11pm Korea time.
Here's a handy tool for time and time zone conversion: ]]]


Here is the note Cal sent me which I didn't get to upload here:
If you have any questions regarding the project, Cal is very sweet and can easily be reached through twitter: ^^


Anonymous said...

Twitter on 06-06 was about our Shillang's birthday, so.........

haPpY BiRthDaY!!!! to our Shillang!!

Wanna wish you the best of everything, the best this world has to offer.
But, you better get moving, you've still got much to complete before you turn 30, as your wish was to be married by then, kekeke.
Enjoy your wonderful day!!!!!!!!