Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"SS501, No Official Disband”

Credits : sportshankook + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Kim HyunJoong who is now with Bae YongJoon, some see that it will be a rash on the team disbanding. However, Kim HyunJoong said recently to his friends whom SportsHankook has made a verification on the reference truth, “There is no official disband.” One representative said “Kim HyunJoong has deep concerns on his career path this year. But whichever way he will be walking towards, he has held his belief on the basic stance that the group will not officially disband. This was what he said to his friends even until very recently. It seems like SS501 will remain in whatever form it might be.”

Variables remains however. If the group remains, there is deep concern on the way to manage them. Like Shinhwa, if all members move from one management company then there will be no concern, but this possibility is rather slim at this present time. As for god’s situation, they signed with different management companies, but there is still possibility of having activities together at the same time.

Above all, most of us are concerned if Kim HyunJoong, who is with Key East now, will be able to promise for SS501’s activities. It is the same for other members too. Members’ will to continue on is high and yet the conflicting interest with their management company must come into an agreement before their activity as a project is possible.

News on Kim HyunJoong’s move has shocked many fans. However, Kim HyunJoong has the intention to keep the group going with the basic principle of not letting the group officially disband. We shall watch how things will go.

Management company DSP Media said “Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin have not come to their decision yet. Members are resting for the time being and will decide soon (about the future plans).”


Anonymous said...

Guessing that KHJ's involvement with SS501 will depend on what the other members decide to do.
I know there are many fans who are disappointed with what he decided to do. But I think he made a good decision. I read somewhere, a person needs to grab every opportunity given him while he can, so he can have a comfortable life by the time he's 30. And, I'm certain he'll still be involved with music.
Wishing him all the best, and hope all things will be made possible to him. Woah! that was a mouth full, kekeke...

To The World,
Hyun Joong fighting......

LvKprogram said...

Too many stories are popping out everywhere in the internet since the announcement of KHJ departure from DSP. I agreed with Anon...if there a better opportunity comes up...go for it Hyun Joong!

I don't believe that KHJ would abandon his SS501 brothers. He does deeply care about SS501 brothers. During Chiness New Year 2010 message...HJ even thank to SS501 parents to giving birth to his teammates.

So let just wait and see and pray for all the boys!

Aja Aja Fighting SS501!