Saturday, June 12, 2010

How Did We Get - Joongbo MV

omg guys, I posted before that I would really like to see a Joongbo MV with "How Did We Get" by Hyori and Daesung..

thank you so much yooboo710 ♥♥♥~~~

Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart! T____T ♥~
i love this mv so muchhhh!!!!
I'm like speechless right now.. T____T ♥~


babypam_08 said...

Hi SH, thanks for sharing. I really hope to see them together soon. I miss them! It's funny thou that Hyori, KHJ's long time ideal girl, is the artist for this MV hehe! Im a loyal Hwang Buin fan, so any girl associated to KHJ, paricularly Hyori, makes me jealous for Hwang Buin. DOes that even make sense? haha! To the world!

=p said...

I thought the message at the end of the video from yooboo710 was especially sweet.

SH are greatly appreciated!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi SH... thanks for sharing this wonderful MV, i really love it :D How I wish that they will be together for real... I miss them :(

Joongbo Aja!

grasya said...

Wow, this is really nice! I can't help but smile while watching it. Brings back the good memories of HJ and HB together. The songs of Hyori and Daesung really did fit well! I cannot understand the lyrics of the songs (since it is in korean) but now I was great! To the world!

yooboo710 said...

^ ^


Anonymous said...

beautiful song and beautiful mv, thx to both of you ^^