Friday, June 4, 2010

Random Post... Yet Again!

So I see the chatbox is very busy! Awesome!!!! I'll try to answer everything here since I don't want to flood it xDD~ There's a limit on the posts I can answer also o.o~

me; CSIs ahhluvit!!! You pointed out so many I can feel my head spinning with happiness xDDD~

hyesa; HERRRO~~ no prob :D i miss ssangchu too, good thing we can watch all the epsiodes online muahahah!

snow; i love all his hairstyles recently! he's sporting about 5 looks? xD~ when his hair was in a pony tail it reminds me too much about WGM!! and yes, haha! like I said, june and july are my power months! hopefully i can keep up!

well brian did say that he wants to marry Hwangbo.. but they are really good friends. ^^ I get uneasy too actually, because I am a big joongbo fan. I see the chemistry between brian and hwangbo, it's also very good, but right now, I think they are just really good friends, liek how Hwangbo and Junjin are :)

babypam; oh really? that's awesome? I thought it was Hyungjoon that was going there with U-kiss! My information was way off xD~ do you guys have an event going on? :o~~

janjan; snow also had problems leaving a message. I wonder what's wrong? xD~~ thanks for dropping by! it's nice hearing from readers!!~~ absolutely love it!!

pei yi; hi! welcome to the blog!! I'm glad you liked it! There are still so many that needs to be put in this blog, like the quotes section is still not done, but I'm working on it! Hope you join us a lot :D~~

e'zu; well at least you got to see the ride! don't worry one day you will get to ride and take pictures there once again ^.~ I haven't been there so just the thought of you seeing it makes me really jealous of you already!

lads; i think that's why the joongbo fandom keeps on growing, coz I mean, I can always disregard some coincidences, but between Hwangbo and Hyunjoong, there is too much! There are so many coincidences that even if it's very hard to convince me, I just keep on wondering what really is going on between them :)

purple; hehehe~! awesome!! i'm very jealous of you guys! 2pm and the wonder girls are going to chicago this june, but then i just moved out of chicago lol! i wanted to see maybe taec's abs or nickhun's biceps but you know.. my day will come! i hope i will see hj & hb also! THAT WOULD BE OMG. THAT WOULD BE TOO AWESOME I MIGHT CRY DIAMONDS.

sunshine; i just got to watch it too!!!! i loveeeez it! i'm oretty sure their performance will get better by the coming days too ^.~
Since this is a random post, I will recommend somethings xD! I just read two good stories yesterday on fictionpress, and they're too good to miss!

This is my ritual at night, reading a story or two before I sleep and mostly recommend them to my sister :) I figured why not share here too? xD

Also have you guys watched the 8th episode of the Sweet Potato couple? Well this week is their best episode for me. I think because of this I would be watching them religiously also :)

[For those who didn't get to watch their episodes, Seohyun wanted to celebrate their 22nd day by donating blood LOL. But then Yonghwa couldn't donate blood because he went overseas a month before. Yonghwa thought it wasn't a good idea for her to donate alone but he couldn't do anything... Seohyun decided to donate by herself and donate again when Yonghwa could. He felt sorry about it, so he tries his best watching over Seohyun during the process.]

Watch this part and you would know what I mean!!~

I certainly don't mind donating blood if it's like this *evil laughs*


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Erisa said...

Hi, just want to ask you, if you do know any links to WGM with good subs like the ones on SSangchu_heaven (dailymotion)

I want to introduce my friend to watch but I can't find good subs for her! I want her to enjoy joongbo like me :)

But she can't seem to load Dailymotion.. is there any other way? Do direct me, thanks so much! :)

bellerina said...

Hi Erisa,
Coincidentally, i was rewatching WGM joongbo cuts again today (to celebrate his birthday ^-^),

so here is the link! ^^

hope ur friend melts into his world, just like us ^-^

and... Saengil chukha hamnida, hyun joong ^-^

babypam_08 said...

Hi SH, late reply. Yes, HJ is coming here, indeed. Please check out the video below for his official announcement.