Wednesday, June 2, 2010

SS501 Surprise Party On The 30th

Credits : chosun kr + (English Translation)

Quintet idol group SS501 was touched by the surprise party celebrated by fans for their 5th anniversary of debut.

According to what SS501's agency DSP Media has expressed on the 31st, SS501 had held a commemoration fansign event on the 30th at KBS 88 gymnasium sports hall. DSP personnel has revealed, "SS501 has had received much concerns over their new album this time round, and in order to repay fans' love,
they had held fansigning sessions on the 28th and 29th and of course on the 30th. For the sake of each province's fans, they had also two separate fansign sessions on 29th in Busan and Daegu respectively".

To this, after the fansigning session on the 30th ended its run, the surprise party to celebrate for their 5 years of debut was held right after that, fans have had prepared the cake in advance for this party, and then also sang along to 'Warning' together. This surprise party was held on this day to commemorate SS501's 5th year of debut anniversary and also the upcoming birthday of leader Kim HyunJoong. SS501 was totally caught by surprise because they weren't able to expect this, and has had expressed their deepest gratitude towards fans".

On the other hand, they will be having their first comeback stage with popular track LOVE YA through KBS 2's 'Music Bank' on upcoming June 4th.