Saturday, June 5, 2010

Music Bank Comeback Stage Rehearsal, Hyunjoong In Pain

Credit: princess miyo@

Here is the updated from princess miyo at the forum.

Two of her friends are in Seoul now and got the chance to see the rehearsal …. so good for them…

The stage setup before the boys appearance…

you can see the orchestra are ready ^^


Updates from bb (to be updated)
The 1st run had finished.
The boys were in the same outfits as in the MV, live orchestra with chandelier.
Damn nice!

Leader looks great!
Hair tied up in some sort of french twist? bb: very, very, very nice.keke..
thier jacket give glimpses of skin front (deep V) when they dance.
Damn sexy.

2nd run starting now.

All 5 are so fine looking! All danced great too!

Love the gas mask breathing part before leader’s solo!
Now fixing hair, makeup again before 3rd run.

Leader damn cute! He’s practising dance whilst the other boys are beginning fixed up by Cody noona.
Now starting 3rd run.

Very good! 3rd run last one!
Got fireworks!

Think leader in abit of pain.
He held to his tummy area briefly during 3rd run.
Then after the 3rd run, many people went up to him.
Even Young Saeng went over.
Aigoo, heartpain.

The back of his jacket was bare earlier.
Now added 2 black straps in inverted V (like peace sign?)
Now 4th run starting.

4th run finished.
Boys are panting, very tired from the dancing.
Staff are fanning them whilst retouching makeup and hair.
Even the orchestra gals are tired, sitting on the steps.

5th run

Now just doing leader’s dance break solo part.
He’s in pain!

Solo part 3rd take, just now 2 rounds of NG.
Everytime NG, he has to start over.

Heard that the 2nd song Let Me Be The One will be recorded later.