Sunday, January 23, 2011

[Quainte] WGM Joongbo Cut Episode 4 - Housewarming Party Part 1

"It came over me in a rush,
When I realized that I love you so much 
That sometimes I cry,
But I can't tell you why...
I love you Hwangbo."
- Kim Hyunjoong

Download (174.05 MB) : Vimeo


Anonymous said...

i dont get tired wtching them!!!!lovely :) thanks for uploading ;)

Anonymous said...

Sighs..they are sooooo lovely. Totally missed them!!! TT.TT

Anonymous said...

SH TQVM for posting this episode where the first time HJ daringly said I LOVE U HWANGBO infront of sunbaenims n his he aint lying at all!
Rmbr the SS501mini concert Nov 08, MC asked HJ who he loves "HB or TS??" we know he ws lying to TS..kkk!


Anonymous said...

I think it was cuter how shy he was when she sang for him! If you ask me, I think he fell for her a little bit there. He became a little more proactive with couple-y stuff after that in that episode.

Annery said...

Can I download this somewhere?

Jayne said...

Can someone tell me what are the song names that he sang. espically the second one, the one in korean. :o