Saturday, January 8, 2011

details that matter #1

Tommy:  You ever noticed that the posts with me in it, always has more comments?
Meme:    And?
Tommy:  That says something.
Meme:    Like?
Tommy:  I'm more interesting.
Meme:    Really, is that what it means?
Tommy: Yes ma'am, it does.
Meme:   Actually, it just means the readers want the male perspective.
Tommy: That I am. I am definitely male.
Meme:   Keep telling yourself that.
Tommy: Are we going to do this or what?
Meme:   We are, almighty one, we are.
Tommy: So then let's go.
Meme:   Calm down guy, I do have to type.
Tommy: I'm not doing this everyday, you know that right?
Meme:   Only when I'm really desperate and have writers block.
Tommy: Good. I have a life.
Meme:   Do you now?  So, as you were saying...
Tommy: Y'all pay attention to all the wrong things. 
Meme:   Really...what should we be looking for kind sir?
Tommy: Were just doing one today, ok?  Call of Duty awaits me.
Meme:   *rolls my eye*
Tommy: The episode where all of the people went on the trip, the ant tour.
Meme:   What about it?
Tommy: Remember that fake fight?
Meme:   Yes?
Tommy: Who does your boy sit by the whole time?  Hwangbo. 
             Even when the guys all go out after the "fight,"
             he sits there MISSING out on MAN TIME. 
             It's a natural reaction though.  You do what you gotta do. 
             When something goes, ummm....
Meme:   Awry? wrong? bad?
Tommy: Whatever, when something goes wrong it's a males instinct to do what feels right.
             The rest of the guys wanted to help fix the problem. He chose to stay with Hwangbo.
             That's what felt right to him. It was instinctive for him to stay with her.
             It wasn't til later that he figured out that the girls needed to vent.
             Before he left though, he looked at her. That's how in tuned they were with each other.
             Didn't know that huh?
Meme:   I noticed, just not exactly the way you explained it though.
Tommy: Yea, yea, yea.  Instead all you gals were probably tripping over the lame back massage. 
             See, looking at all the wrong things. We done? I'm out!! COD time!!


Anonymous said...

You guys provide much comedic relief. I love it. Will there be part 2? Or do you have to be desperate with writers block in order for us get the next segment. Thanks for the laughs and giggles

Anonymous said...

Yyyyaah, Tommy, I agree with you. Now I understand..he was more to protecting his buin!

Ssangchudream said...

That moment was one of my favorite parts in Ant Tour, too. I wasn't that wild about the back massage, but I did like it when HB was massaging HJ's on the couch and she leaned every so slightly against his back during her bout of laughter. It was just so incredibly intimate to me and spoke volume of the progress they've made. Just like banana scene of the last ep. Man, favoritest moment ever!

I like this scene tho because it was just so funny to me how HJ totally stayed with the wives b/c he's more comfy with Hwangbo since thru WGM, we know HJ is not wild about strangers at first sight. Then that moment when he massaged her shoulder to give an unspoken message that he's going now, I totally swoon. Like what happen, you guys? How did you go from fishing for 7 hours without much conversation to conversing with a mere touch?

And wow, long commment is long!

Anonymous said...

Tommy, My hat off to you. You sure notice the reality.


Anonymous said...

You 2 guys are so cute together... I love your "arguments" regarding our couple...I was really laughing reading your posts (I'm already your fan!)... keep on "arguing"'ll make your relationship strong...LOL

Anonymous said...

Your Tommy's explantion makes sense that I did not notice before. Wow! That is totally different perspective of Men' views which women could not think about. Would you tell him that we as women appreciate his opinions.
I also like the Ant tour epi. Among them, I like the most was when HJ gave HB massage on the floor. He was the top of the HB's back to give her massage. I was thinking what he was doing. hahaha... Justin

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

the banana scene is my fav too. the way she looked at him when she opened her eyes, i really thought she must have loved him, at least at that moment... or maybe he just really looked nice in that tux, haha- L

Anonymous said...

Cause of Tommy's thought, I went to watch the whole ant tour ep again. And after doing that, realized that Tommy is right.

Before Crown J left he said that he couldn't go on filming, he asked for the staff to turn off the cameras, and the ppl in the studio were asking if they really turned it off, and it was said that the red light in the camera was turned off to make it seem like they did stop filming, as was planned by the Ant couple. So anything that happened after that was real, not just for the show.

HJ could have left HB's side when they thought that they weren't filming inside the house anymore. But he chose to stay, and that says much. He chose to stay beside HB through the fight and only left when the guys left the house, after making sure that nothing would happen to HB. And the look before leaving was not for the show, as they still think that they had stopped filming.

J.J. said...

Just wanted to point out, Hyunjoong's character is the pacifist type and so when they were fighting for bedspaces you didn't see him running. But when there was no one in sight he waltzed into the room he felt most right, checked it out to confirm for a few moments, reserved it then called Hwangbo. That gesture just shows he cares enough and is confident enough to be the "provider". Then when crown j and in young came, he told HB to deal with the Kai bai Bo because he was like, ok I secured this spot, you defend it.

I agree with Tommy sometimes we girls look at something else...we look at what we instinctively know and feel. Guys do just look at it and see what it is.

Just remember guys, it's TV, or at least it was, they edited it to their liking. But that also means there were probably more scenes we weren't privy to...and we can only get glimpses of them right before cuts...


Anonymous said...

Your conversation was hilarious, my husband loves playing COD too so I kinda relate when you roll your eyes Meme.

It is really good to have a man's perspective, I noticed that HJ stayed w/ the girls while the boys left but I never think of the reason why.

About the back massage, I feel it's so intimate...kinda makes me


GaGa said...


Tommy is feeling his popularity here!!
If this makes him happy and want to contribute more, I am more than happy to leave lots of comments!!

Yep, we really need more male perspective, and seems Tommy is willing to do so, because of YOU!

So, in the end, that means you got a good husband!!

As you said, I noticed Hyun Joong's reaction in this episode is special, he wanted to stay with her until he feels like he is misplaced.

But I got a better picture after Tommy's description.
Thank you Tommy!

Anonymous said...

Tommy is so intuitive and have awesome MANswers POV!!! I enjoy reading your convo LOLs

Anonymous said...

Tommy and Meme, first of all Congratulations on your wedding! Wishing you guys a blissful marriage!
Now Tommy, I LOVE all your POV's. I admit I tend to pay attention to the wrong things ^^

ItadakimasU said...

OMG.... this just makes me want to do YET ANOTHER rerun.... ishhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm still waiting for the moment that rerunning Joongbo in WGM is making me bored...

Sa :) said...

haha meme thank tommy for us pls :) his comments made my day :D its def nice and totally spazz worthy to get a boys perspective for things we didnt/cldnt (cause we don think that way) pick up.

*sip of to rewatch that part and spazz and be revived :D*

Anonymous said...

We really love hearing it from a male perspective...Thanks meme for sharing your convo with tommy with us...looking forward to more of Tommy's hubby still refuse to watch joongbo cuts with me...but i wont give up.. :-P


meme =p said...

Anon: hahaha, you are most welcome. I do admit, his thoughts are much more amusing then mines.

Anon: Tommy is looking very smug right now. He totally has the I told you so look.

Ssangchudream: Tommy said yu are stealing his thunder and to stop exposing his "details" =p Btw...I've heard so much about your wank report, I finally found your site thru much searching. It made me smile. Great stuff!!

Dily: Hi, how have you been. Tommy's head is getting bigger by the second =p

Anon: Thank you so much. Yea, you don't have to worry about us not "arguing" I don't think we have stopped yet =p It's been ten years of being best friends, now were just trying to see who wins more arguments!!

Justin: Every once in awhile he can make sense =p

Anon: =p I'm glad to see that Tommy is useful for something!

L-he did look nice in that tux =p

Anon: I'm glad he was right!! He likes to think that he is.

J.J: I want the behind the scenes to air too....what are they saving it for?

Nala:your husband plays COD too...? sometimes it's a good thing because he doesn't bother me as much..but eyes roll hard!!

Gaga-Tommy is enjoying it a bit too much. He is alright =p But I'm glad he can bring you guys entertainment.

Anon: Manswers!!?? haha, he is going to love that.

Anon: Thank you. I don't hope for a blissful one just a "don't make me kill" you kind of marriage =p Wait til Tommy gets done with COD and reads all y'alls comment...his head will be so big!

ItadakimasU: Hi, girl I want to do reruns everyday and I haven't been bored since.

Sa :) Hello!! How have you been? Yea, he's says a decent thing or two every once in awhile. I may keep him around a little longer.

Susan-Your husband doesn't know what he's missing!! Has he seen Hwangbo yet? That might change his mind =p You're right, don't give up, one day he might be just takes one episode =p

CrunchyTofu said...

you two are just too adorable together. and it is nice to get new insight on the couple, esp a guys insight. lol

Anonymous said...

juneone0601 says:

meme and tommy...your conversations always leave a wide grin on my face and get me clapping like mad. they are not only hilarious but very insightful...

im glad that i get to share my JB hangovers with my new disciple - my omma...heheheh... she adamantly refuse to watch HJ if its not HB with him...(i kept on prodding her to watch HJ's new drama - no avail!). like all of us diehards, she instinctively believe there was magic between our favorite pair and clings to the hope that there's something to look forward to in the year 2012...hehehe...

now, you two, just carry on with your classic tete-a-tete while we muse over your exchange with delight...

im moving to nominate you two to be the 2nd best pair here on SH...(sorry, the 1st spot is blocked out, as you know)

anyone to second that? hahaha...