Tuesday, January 4, 2011

he did, didn't he?

Tommy:     What are you doing?
Meme:       I'm busy.  Go away.
Tommy:     Busy doing what?
Meme:       Stuff.
Tommy:     What stuff?
Meme:       LVK said that if she had to choose, this would be her favorite episode.  SO, I'm writing something up.
Tommy:     What is there to write?
Meme:       Can you shut up so I can think?
Tommy:     You want me to shut up so you can make up something meaningful???
Meme:       Yes, can you please go away now?
Tommy:     When is SH coming back?
Meme:       When will you go away?
Tommy:     Just tell everybody that he humped a tree to make her laugh for freak sake. A tree. 
                 He HUMPED a tree. THREE times.  Geez!!!  I'm out!! 

Well…he killed anything sentimental I had to say.  But as Tommy so eloquently put it, HJ did hump a tree and it did make Hwangbo laugh.  Quite hard too, if I must say so myself =p


yessica said...

Lmao!!! If u don't want Tommy can I have him?? He's funny as heck and not 2 bad on the eyes. J/J but he made me laugh hard. Humping? I haven't heard that word in ages xD

LvKprogram said...

OMG I'm married but i don't care...I LOVE YOU TOMMY!!!
I couldn't stop laughing. My tummy hurts!
You two are perfect match. I love you both.
You have made my day. THANK YOU ^^

Anonymous said...

OMG, you guys are the best!! Yeesh...well there you have it..."Joongbo Meaning of Life" in two easy lessons, from the fabulous Meme & Tommy: #1 from your gorgeous "What Could've Been" Joongbo New Year's Resolution post - how to break barriers and open our hearts. # 2 from Tommy (the Greatest, but don't tell him 'cause I know you're trying to keep his head unswelled) loosening up with silly stuff and laughing your head off is the spice of love, the juice that keeps you moving, the best of medicines! Throw away the self-help books and save money on the psychotherapist...just watch Joongbo, drink in Meme's eloquence, cut to the chase with Tommy's direct hits and you'll be Good to Go!

I'm sooo glad SH is here! Happy New Year everybody!

Anonymous said...

he humped a tree?.. what a word.. hehehe.. but I believe Shillang really tried his best to make his Buin laugh.. argghhh.. i wanna get over them but i really cant.. its my secret addiction..self confessed ssangchu addict..


Anonymous said...

oh lucky meme
i wish i have my own tommy

chase said...

Meme, hi. I've been a fan of your Just Sayin blog since the beginning. I was bored and noticd that you had another blog on your profile. I clicked because I was bored. Trust me, I was so confused. Since I'm white and have never been exposed to any kdrama before i was lost completely. I watched an episode of Joongbo but was still lost. Luckily, I continued though and here I am one of the biggest Ssangchu couple fan. I have been silently lurking both blogs but I just had to thank you today. I had a rough day and was reading your other channel and died laughing. I thought your conversation with Tommy on that blog was funny but when I came here, I died some more. You seem not to comment back on your other blog so I wanted to leave it here to thank you. Like anonymous, I'm so glad SH is here. Your resolution for the new year is to appreciate more. I want to do the same. Thank you and everyone here! You guys always make my day.


meme =p said...

Yessica: You can have him because I'm certain you will return him after a day.

LVK: I bet when you told me your favorite episode you didn't think it ws going to be maimed by Tommy =p

Anonymous: thank you for your kind words!! I'm afraid I can't unswell his head, sigh. I'm glad we have readers who are willing to visit the site to support our Ssangchu couple like you guys =p

purple chagi-how are you? any luck getting your man to watch any episodes with you? humped is a very descriptive word, don't you think?

Chase: Hi, nice to meet you. I'm glad that you found your way here. Normally SH readers visit my other blog not the other way around. Ssangchu couple are great, arent they? You're right...I respond more here because you guys are so nice it makes me want to be nicer =p

I hope you guys have a great year too!! If I don't respond back quickly enough its because school is back in session and I'm back to grading papers =p

SH, I hope you are safely back in the states =p Come back soon!!

meme =p said...

anonymous- haha if you knew him...you wouldn't want your own!!

J.J. said...

:snort laugh: Oh that was priceless... Tommy and I are/were on the same wavelength then.
My head was in the gutter, I was like POLE DANCE (with a tree?) LOL
My fave episode was dinner with the wondergirls. ^_^

sarangyo said...

Hahaha...Ilaughed so hard at that comment. We really need some guy's perspective here. But HJ really did huh? Oh, Meme really really thank you for keeping this space alive though I say am missing SH too.. Moe please

Anonymous said...

Your Tommy is so funny meme. When I watched the epi previously, I thought he just did the waves for her, but now I see differently. hahaha.... You're so matched w/ each other like HJ & HB. My favorite epi is the match-making w/ the wondergirls also like J.J. Justin.

ItadakimasU said...

kekek...aaaaaaaaaah your Tommy is soooo blunt... but soooo on the spot!!!

Belin214 said...

Tell tommy to stop stealing my words..humping is my word and he can't borrow it without asking...Can u do the epi where she says she thinks about him before her mom now???

GaGa said...

ROFL~~~~Hwang Buin Style!!
Tommy kills me just like this!!

Just let me scream!!! It's just so funny!!

Tommy Epic!!
Meme, you don't need to tell him that if you don't want to :P!!

Michelle said...

i recently became a joongbo fan and found your website. I LOVE IT!! i think i'll be here often. :D

Michelle said...

i recently became a joongbo fan and found your website. I LOVE IT!! i think i'll be here often. :D

Michelle said...

btw tommy's insights are great. keep it coming!