Saturday, January 29, 2011

[Photos] Hwangbo with Dongwan & Chaeyeon On MBC Idol Championship

bullying dongwan lol


Anonymous said...

Buin is sooooo pretty!!!

kiani said...

I can't wait to see MBC Idol Championship when it airs. Just from viewing photos of the event, it appeared Hb had tons of fun, I also could tell Hb and Dongwan have great friendship. This is just my POV, but I think earlier in her career, Dongwan might have rally liked her a lot.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; i second that!!!

kiani; i thought so as well :) and dongwan only wants to be in wgm if hwangbo would be the wife ^^

Anonymous said...

really SH? did dongwan said that??? tehee

kdj said...

woohoo~ gorgeous! hb really got good eyes *wink*

well, he's really so good looking (looks good w hb too^^) but looking at the pics all I can think at the end is

Ssangchu Olympic!! huhu

Anonymous said...

I still remember Dong Wan gave interview during WGM's early airing that he would join it only with HB as his couple. He was sure he was the only one to bring out her feminine quality.

Man, I dunno how many tvs he smashed when he saw "one boy" brought all HB's feminine charm and wonderfulness out in front of our eyes!!! (LOL)

Anyway, DW seemed very protective of his girl pal in this Idol Championship. As if he took good care of HB while "someone" is faraway oversea.(wink)

Anonymous said...

I think he only said that to defend and protect his friend. Not necessarily romantic. I think he didn't like how indifferent and uncaring HJ seemingly acted towards HB in the beginning of show. He's a good friend. It's a good thing he did too, because HJ seemed to man up after that. I love the Shinhwa boys.

montaneejo said...

Anon above me,

I read DW interview about WGM and DW said confidently that he was the only one who can bring out HB's femininity. So I think it's semi-romantic, not only to protect his best gal pal. The sentence is full of masculine pride and confidence(in a good way).

I think all Shinwa boys are so sweet and protective towards HB. The way they look at HB is not "the girl next door" or "men's best girl friends" but more like cherished sister. So there's some aura of protection/marking territory as brother/sister thing, not only boy friends/girl friends.