Monday, January 3, 2011

J.J.'s latest fanfic...

"Dearest Joongboers,
 My warmest greetings this New Year!  I thank you guys for such a great year in the community, and especially for liking my writing.  I really hope they've brought joy to you as you read them.  I'm not a fluffy fic writer, it's not my forte, so having you like them so much warms my heart.  I've read on the comments you guys want me to continue them, sadly, these fics are vignettes--episodal--so they are as is.  I will continue to write fluffy fics for this community, but I just wanted to know if you guys want a bit of sad fics, too.   Anyway, have a great New Year! Please look forward to the next post!" -J.J

*joongbo artwork by jilsung

She knew he was easily pleased so an eight-course meal would be more of a burden for the both of them—her with fatigue, and him from eating it all. It also didn’t help that he would be arriving late from the airport. However, that didn’t matter because she was happy he’d be home before their anniversary day ended.

She was in the dog park with the dogs earlier this morning when he text messaged her his greeting for a happy anniversary. She smiled so wide that the other ladies at the park must have thought her mad. Did she care? No, not at all. It was a few seconds he spared just for her in his hectic schedule and she was grateful for it.

Walking around the shopping district, killing time, she spotted a nice café and entered. She could easily call her friends but that would be rude last minute. She bought half a dozen cupcakes for home because buying a cake would be a waste, since he’s not a fan of the fondant, and she wasn’t a cake person.

After perusing through the neighborhood she decided to call window shopping quits when snow started. Running back to their apartment, she smelled freshly made pastries from a push-cart ahjumma and went to investigate.

“Fresh churros, Miss,” the ahjumma greeted her.

“Three please,” she was intent on eating one on the mad dash back to the apartment.

When she unlocked the door swung it open, and kicked off her boots, she was greeted by his warm body pinning her to the wall.

“Hi,” he smiled.

“You’re early,” she laughed. “Here,” she moved the hand that clutched the two remaining churros to his lips, “churro?”

His brows furrowed and he unpinned himself off her. Wordlessly he took her free hand in his and lead her to the kitchen. The dogs were barking from inside their room…

“Happy anniversary?” He presented an icecream cake in the shape of a UFO with churros sticking out of it for antennae.

“Let me guess,” she laughed heartily, “the ahjumma from down the street?”

“Yeah,” he kissed her on the cheek.


pao said...

Omo! That was so cute! Keep them coming, J.J! :)

Mei said...

It's cute, isn't it!? Thanks j.j for writing that and thanks Meme for updating and posting it! You guys are a godsend!

Anonymous said...

awww sooo sweet...its a feel good short ff ..thanks for sharing ^^


Anonymous said...

a UFO icecream cake?.. sweeeeet...


Anonymous said...

no sad fics...if thats ok with you. i like this type of fics.thanks

meme =p said...

This is my favorite one so far!!! For someone who doesn't like fluffy fic you sure are good at it!!! Thanks for helping out woman!!

Anonymous said...

short and sweet...
I like your Joongbo ff's,
don't have to anticipate the ending, lol.
thank you, I don't mind sad one's once in a while, but I think most times we prefer happy ones (positivity)xDD.

J.J. said...

:bows deep: Thank you! ^_^
I wanted to say that I'll be sending a serious dramatic fic, not too sad, that was inspired by Hwangbo's "I'm Still Beautiful"--which!--has a second part. ^_^

Meme, :bows: hehe, not at all! It's the least I can do for all the joy our community brings.

Anonymous said...

I love this fanfic!! Can't wait for the next one~

Anonymous said...

I like that he kissed on her cheek. In addition, I like to see him kissing her the passionnated French kiss, hahaha. Thanks J.J. & meme. Keep it up. This way we're supporting HB, HJ, & all JBers around the world. We're a big connection even though we're living different places. TO THE WORLD.

Anonymous said...

thanks for writing a cute fic!

bebe :)