Sunday, January 30, 2011

Making Of Playful Kiss On MNET Japan To Air In March

credits: mnetjapan + phikaq@hyunjoongchina + kelamama@501wangja

Weekdays from 11:30am to 12noon, 30minutes each
Tuesday late night from 4am to 4.30am
Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 2.30pm
Performers: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung So Min, Lee Tae Sung, Jung Hye Young, Lee Si Young

Youth No.1 Hanryu Star Kim Hyun Joong’s makeup-less face disclosure

Being the leader of popular group SS501 and as actor who is actively engaged Hanryu Star: Kim Hyun Joong’s first leading male actor in TV drama ‘Playful Kiss Making Of’ will be exclusively broadcast
In this program will see a totally different Kim Hyun Joong apart from TV shows!

There’s Kim Hyun Joong in serious acting and also in relaxing mode, there’s even Hyun Joong in slight nature (*klmm – i think it’s referring to makeup-less Hyun Joong), his charm will be revealed through this program.


wink said...

I'm so sorry in advance if my comment is gonna offend PK fancamp. That's not my intention at all.

With due respect, I happened to read PK fans forum both in my country and other country a lot lately and I found out that they too imagine about KHJ and female lead to be "ITEM" too as we joongboers wish HB and HJ to be "ITEM". And again, I respect that.

But I can't help to say that KHJ love scene acting in PK is so stiff!(Sorry HJ I'm not bashing you. Only voice my opinion.) So I really don't know why the fancy is all about? He was so stiff hugging her, embracing her and kissing her. NO CHEMISTRY AT ALL whatsoever. There's nothing wrong with JSM, only KHJ's acting.

In WGM, KHJ was so romantic at heart in his own 4D way. He became HERO in so many eyes, may be hundred thousands around Asia. Where that "romantic to the core boy" disappear"?. The way you stare into the girl's eyes, the way you stroke her hair, massaging her shoulder, serenade her, give in to her "cheesy/mushy request"? Where is it?

You have it inside of you all along KHJ, bring it out when acting!

Have faith in you allalong anyway, HJ.(wink)

Anonymous said...

What country are you from?

Anonymous said...

@wink - 200% agree wid u!!!

Anonymous said...

300% agree with wink.

Anonymous said...

Well..I only watched WGM after playful kiss..

Nonetheless..I'm a joongboer!!!

To the world~ ^^

Anonymous said...

Well I love PK.

Anonymous said...

Ssorry the above Anon. Well majority people turned PK down including all showbitzs, top celebrities, and SS501 members. Also, it was not included in the nominations of the MBC good drama lists.
On the other hand, a wonderful drama remains forever to the viewers like Secret Garden to the world because it touched the viewers' hearts.
I agree with wink 1000% as well.

Anonymous said...

hohohoho this comment box is abt to explode

Anonymous said...

I don't care, I love PK. I love WGM as well.

LvKprogram said...

I did not watch the PK so I have no comment!

WGM...watched so many times I can't even count! I LOVE WGM FOREVER!!!

Anonymous said...

well, i watched all 3: WGM, BOF, and PK. i have to say that HJ improved in PK alot but I agreed with wink, he still really stiff because it does not come from his heart. I don't know how to describe but something is missing that i can't enjoyed the show. In PK, the girl is really cute though.

JB forever too for me too

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..I like both WGM & PK. I think that there is an affinity betw HJ and JSM but the chemistry felt betw him and HB is different and special.

lk said...

Hmmm..PK...first at all,I think the story is not my type,and the script seems too rush to the relationship and then the end,I don't know why he loves her,Nagging,begging,stalking & waiting are not touch me at all."so so" drama I rated,not because of the crew of acting,they just did what they told them to I guess!Some unnecessary kissing scenes are more to the commmercial purposes than they needed,and their kiss/bed scenes made me laugh,sorry!Not in the bad way,don't get me wrong,I don't care if HJ kissing any girl in the drama,work is work,but he just too careful or stiff?I guess he can't let go himself,if I'm not mistaken,I do know why,he is a stubborn person in mind.And don't expect to see him like in WGM in any other drama,that's only to "act" nothing but really something with his own love only!And they don't need to anymore since there is no more camera!

HJ tried to be friendly to JSM since he knows they need to work together,but draw the line there and more right after as I saw but when they're working on the promotion,he learned this from the director/producer?!

Watch here,

He really seriously wants to draw a "line" with JSM,maybe the rumor?Can you guys see her "black face" at 0:18?which meant she don't know he will be like this "bad".BTW,she is a good actress when she turned her face with smile after,no offense,I wondered if I could do so!Totally not a gent!And the D/P saw it,@ 0:50,can you see something?After the conversations,don't you see him embrasses then thinking a bit after?Don't you see him stares at JSM first and stares at the director/producer while drinking the water?Is it a message to someone he cares?Then he started to acting smile and being nice?Can you tell the different between a real smile or fake?Take a look when he mentioning the first marriage!Any different?And how he relieved at the back in the end?Poor guy!How much pressure and things that he don't want to do on his own?!There will be different if he has the "settle mind"(not an idol but actor,declare in relationship or married,that's he could do things without worry this and that but losing something big too,idol's fans,there is always the catch I think!)also need to really in love of acting instead of making living.But I still think he loves music more anyway!Agree with me or not is just me!And by the way,as I know,there are some fans like PK couple,but not as serious as you mentioned,am I missing something?!Hmmmmm!People have choice,some people like it some people don't!I'm Joongboer and I believe!To the world!

kiani said...

I agree with both your comments.
I wasn't lucky as first Joongbo fans who were able to watch them from the very first episode in 2008. I became JB'er after BOF. I was a new fan to K-Drama's, so didn't think much of KHJ acting, maybe I was mesmerized by his cuteness, keke. But, in comparison, I liked BOF storyline much better than PK.
Since KHJ chose to be an actor, as he continues in romantic drama's, I think shipper's from such drama's will wish him to be an 'item' with whomever will be his co-actress. That's to say, if he's still single.
These days, his promoters for PK seem to advertise him as "See the natural KHJ, in relaxing mode, different from acting, see the real charm, and the list goes on". Haha, I find it hilarious, why? Because, the character described is the KHJ from WGM, as Joongboer's, we've seen him this way with his Buin, and viewers want to once again see this charm. Whose to say, if we'll be able to see such charm again in future romantic drama's, maybe it's why he wants to play as villain, so he won't have to act cheesy for no reason, lol. Of course, this is just my POV.

Anonymous said...

I actually really wanted to watch PK when I first saw the promos but never got around to it. I'll definitely watch HJ in his next drama though.

I'd hope to see HJ in a non-romantic meaty role. He once said that he wanted to play a crazy psycho person. I wanna see that! hoho

Anonymous said...


I also started liking HJ after BOF and I really loved him in it. I was probably distracted by his cuteness too because his acting didn't bother me at all when I first watched it. I loved Jihoo and was rooting for him and geum jandi to be togther even though I knew they wouldn't. lol. I've seen all the other versions of it before but still wanted. Anyway.

After watching WGM, I can't watch BOF again without thinking how Jihoo pales in comparison to the real KHJ and how the chemistry between Jihoo and Jandi pales in comparison to that of Joongbo. I still love BOF very much though but I love Joongbo more.

Anyway, be kind to the PK fans. Some might be like me who become joongbo fans after seeing him in a drama.

Anonymous said...

@ Kiani

I'm sorry. The last two sentences are in no way directed at you. Sorry about that. I mean that generally. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

@anymous: i 2nd the motion!

Anonymous said...

@Wink, Ik, kiani, & all JBers.
I agree with you guys 100%. After I saw the PK drama, I felt shameful to myself being a Korean because how can the Korean drama could reach the lowest level & became the dirtiest drama on the national TV. The culture, tradition, & history of Korean have abundance, so I was so proud of myself that I'm from Korea which country has beautiful culture, so I used to say to American people about it . However, what I've learnt from PK was shamefulness, felt guilty, & regreted seeing it & being a Korean because what I've seen were only the girl's nagging, foolishness, stalking, numerous the dirty kissing, hugging, & bed scenes on the national TV as a teen drama. Most of the viewers were teenagers via Youtube. What have they leraned from it? The above things!!! Where are all adults who need to protect the immature teenagers to think right & grow up right wasys as adults. What have they learned from PK after seeing all those scenes. I've seen & read so many comments from teenagers who want to see more kissing scenes & more erotic scenes from the drama. How could they turn like this? They need to grow up properly instead of not like this. Thus, I'm advocating to teenagers in my church & surrounding areas not to watch it because it gives bad influences to them. I was working for pregnant teenagers & teenagers moms who are struggling from the real harsh life in front of them to take care of their babies, try to study, & work to support their babies. How & why are they suffering like this? Where were their parents until they became like this? I had been ctitize their parents while I was helping them; however, it was not the only reason they became pregnant teenagers. It has been influnced by the media like the dirty drama. I'm sorry like this critizing it; nevertheless, I have to advocate our next generation to be grow up properly to be great leaders instead of being teenager moms because of an adult.
Good dramas bring people' heart warm such as WGM & Secret Garden; on the contrary, the bad drama brings bad influences to viewers esp. teenagers.

Ssangchudream said...

@anon above: well, hello there Justin. It's been awhile since I read your pk hate.

I agree with the anon about being kind to pk fans. Perhaps they discover hj after liking him in pk and thus find their way to wgm. So shouldn't we stay classy and encourage their ship jumping? After we get them on this side then we can make fun of them :P

Anonymous said...;dr different strokes for different boats, but:

@ssangchudream hahaha good one... but I agree 501%

@justin: but wasn't the bed scenes and more kissing after they got married? so then in "moral" values it's ok cause they are promoting procreation after marriage \o/

OT, but I loved Secret Garden! <3333 But if you think about it, Hyun Bin's character practically stalked the girl too. just saying.

Anyway, honestly I think the difference between BOF and PK is that HJ was a supporting character with terrible acting, so we only got it in doses even if the actual drama kinda sucked (also, it didn't take itself that seriously so the grandiose exaggeration was acceptable) So even if his acting in PK was a vast improvement, he had to carry on with a drama whose storyline, direction, characterization and pacing really sucked. IMO, cinematography and set design though, was excellent. So people who haven't watched him before or that many dramas probably ended up liking what otherwise would have been a really mediocre drama (victim to hype machine and bad timing) because the other experienced actors/actresses. The girl playing Oh HaNi was cute at times so I think she did well for a character that I found to be so freaking annoying in it's other reincarnations. Interestingly enough, I found myself wanting to watch more of the other characters (especially OhHaNi& Busan boy together, which I didn't care for in the other versions, go figure) which is ok, except this was meant to be more of a slice of life following OhHaNi&BaekSeungJo. Also wished I could have seen more consistency in HJ's character's "arrogant/mean streak" cause his acting was actually interesting. I think they really made his character "soft" in this version.

In the end HJ got experience and I saw his improvements so I can honestly be proud of him in PK (even if I didn't enjoy the drama most of the time) I think a problem with HJ is he isn't comfortable spouting such cheesy lines and/or he doesn't enjoy the he's not that interested in them XD He should have continued with smaller roles just so he can get comfortable setting into different characters and also try not to get typecasted so much. I think his comedic timing has potential and he would be more comfortable doing something more dramatic, intense, and bada$$ which would reflect in his acting. So instead of working hard to prove himself just because, he would naturally want to improve and make a connection with that character because he thinks it's interesting, ya know what I mean?

If we were to compare his WGM "acting" then, he was comfortable and had more fun cause it wasn't such an intense filming experience overall and he was able to connect easier (like his other variety shows with SS501 even though those were more scripted then WGM). Not to say that he didn't have some fun in BOF and PK, just that overall it was mostly overshadowed by the difficulties of being a newbie actor.

Anonymous said...

"but wasn't the bed scenes and more kissing after they got married? so then in "moral" values it's ok cause they are promoting procreation after marriage \o/"

I don't think it is OK for moral standard to our teenagers. I can't agree w/ you for the above statement but others agree because PK is a teen drama which followed by mostly teenagers who follow KHJ everywhere. As adults, we need to show good examples instead of the erotic scenes. Also, the main actors were got married too young ages (about 20 years old).
Many Korean reporters reported that there were too many kissing scenes. I think the erotic scenes started from the begining and then, there were too many the erotic scense after marrage also.
Also, the staking is totally different between the 2 dramas. SG is very much mutually w/ love, but the other one is just looks like a chronic obsessive disorder.

kiani said...

haha...I was all for jandi and jihoo bad...forgot all about jihoo, after I saw Joongbo on WGM.

fudgeorange said...

lol. what's happening here?

Nothing against PK, but I just wasn't too enthusiastic about the material itself nor the story (biases aside)...but since it was a project, a part of the "gahun" so be it. I semi-watched it despite my reservations, didn't feel the need to re-watch the subbed versions. I just watched it because 1/2 of wuri ssangchus was there.

HJ didn't have to really be "in-like" nor "in-love" to whoever his leading lady was just to project "awesome" acting. Honestly,have nothin against HJ's acting, even in BOF (though I haven't seen the whole drama)...he's neither a bad nor a great actor. He's ok, don't want to make a big fuss out of his acting. It's probably just not his forte.

I'm glad that through his other dramas, people research more about him,discover the ssangchu couple and get touched by their so-called "story."

Anonymous said...

Oh WINK, when I read your comments I thought you were my long lost twins or even my pararell-self!

I just read PK fans comments on youtube on MBC 2010 fancams. They analyzed the body language of KHJ who sat beside JSM at the table that "it's hidden love". No offense against JSM or KHJ cause I respect them as actors who worked hard to fit in the role, but I don't think there's something special between them. KHJ just talked to the male star beside JSM and pay very less attention to JSM.

If that is "hidden under radar love", what he did to HB during MBC 2008 could be described as "UNDERGROUND MASS DESTRUCTIVE NUCLEAR BOMB" kind of love!

Anonymous said...

i wgm1 is the best :) pk is okay.......................