Monday, January 3, 2011

what could've been.

"We're now getting closer..
And I'm starting to show her things one by one..
But the time's not that it's disappearing..
but I keep thinking that it's running out..
Like.."if only we had gotten closer faster..."
I kept thinking..."

With the arrival of the New Year, there is always a set of resolutions to accompany it.  Like most of you, I have the typical ones, spend more, don't go crazy on shoes, read more books, watch less Korean dramas, try not to kill Tommy, you know, the basics.  But the biggest resolution I have this year, I learned from HJ & HB.  Though their time together was brief, they taught me a lot.  Even though they knew their days together were numbered, it didn't stop them from being...them.  They broke each others barrier and were able to express their feelings a little more honestly and a bit more freely.  Yes, they had their quiet nostalgic moments but they still laughed, they still played, they still enjoyed each others company but most of all they learned to appreciate each other. 
This year, I will try my very best to live without regrets.  I will think less and do more.  I will learn to enjoy the small moments, laugh a little, smile a lot and I will definitely appreciate my company more.  Because honestly, I don't want to look back at the end of the year and mourn over "what could have been."


Mei said...

I strive to be more like hwangbo this year. Thanks for updating even with the lack of news. This site is like crack. I can't get enough.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting weepy reading your posts.

Jung said...

He was so somber looking in this interview.

Liliana said...

Meme sometimes in order to appreciate things you have to regret a little. I hope hj values hwangbo more now that he knows what an impact she has made on his life. You and everybody at SH have a great new year.

babypam_08 said...

Haaaay! That's why I feel so sad about their parting!!! It had to end just when they've finally warmed up and everything was just better. It was just too short and abrupt for me. Joongbo is one of my biggest frustrations in life. God help me! That's why I'm so jealous of the current WGM couples. They've been together for so long!!! Some even celebrated their anniversaries. Only the Ant couple reached one year. Season 1 is really the best for me because of joongbo. No other couple can replace them.

You're making me cry meme. I thought I've gotten over it but no joongbo comes in waves!!! Just when you least expect it. I just wish for their happiness. Better if theyre together.

Anonymous said...

That's what I love about joongboland...we have the same thoughts. Babypam_08, I agree with you whole heartedly.

GaGa said...

Hi MeMe,

My resolutions for 2011 remains the same as 2010,

Doing a little better than 2010, making a little step closer to be as nice as Hye Jung;
Meeting Hye Jung and Hyun Joong in person;
Wishing my future diary turns into reality!

Keep Beliving!
Patiently Waiting!
Happy New Year!!

PS, When will Ssangchu Heaven came back? MeMe, please continue to write us articles in SH even after SH cameback!

LvKprogram said... are very sweet! make sure credit goes to right person^^ Thank you! But not to worry we are same entity! I left you a message on your soompi account.

@meme =p Thank your for the update!
I couldn't keep the new year resolutions in the pass so I stop making it few years go. LOL

LvKprogram said...

typo *past*

kiani said...

I agree with you to baby_08, I could not have said it better. I love re-watching their episodes, but sometimes it gets rather sad, I wonder if they realize the tremendous impact they made on people (Joongboers). I also envy the current WGM couples, they have been able to remain on the show longer, and publicly talk about their relationship on/off the show. Anywho, that is my rant and rave, but thank you to all Ssangchu'ers for your thoughts on Joongbo.
To The World...

Anonymous said...

The list of who is the best idol to as Hwangbo's husband:

1。정윤호 Yun ho 郑允浩(loving her 99%)
2。강동원 Kang Dong won) 姜东元(like her???)
3。이승기 Lee Seung Gi 李胜基(like her 60%)
4。김현중 Kim hyun joong 金贤重(loved her 50%)
5。오종혁 OhJonghyuk 吴钟赫(loving her??????)
6。김경록 Kim Kyung Rok 金京禄(loving her 90%)
7。김기범 Kim Kibum 金基范(loved her 30%)
8。믹키유천 micky 朴有天(loved her 20%)
9。최시원 Choi Siwon 崔始源(liked her 5%)

Anonymous said...

Anon#Post 11
But Yunho does not have a chance with her. Poor him!

Anonymous said...

Anon#Post 11
But Yunho does not have a chance with her. Poor him!

babypam_08 said...

One thing I also love and what amazes me about Joongbo is that we all go through the same things, think of the same things, conclude the same things and so on. It's like our brains have all been joongbo-wired, so to speak haha! I also love how nice all Joongboers are. It really feels like home. We all encourage and cheer each other up during trying times that's why we have all endured after all these years. 1 more year to go joongboers. 2012, it is!

Hi lvk, I will sure look into your msg. SSorry what did you mean by credit though? Did I miss out anything?

To the world!

LvKprogram said...

@pam...its mean you mention/credit the person whom created the jbps which is LvK. I thank you for looking out for me.

babypam_08 said...

Oh yes, of course! I already read your msg on soompi. That pic of yours made me happy. I hope they post it here too for more Joongboers to see hehe! Keep em coming LVK! :D

Joongbo fighting! Segyero! :)

Anonymous said...


Alice Kim said...

Person above - #11 was posting the results of a poll which was solely just for fun. Why so serious?

Alice Kim said...

There is certainly a breed of fans more crazy than joongbo fans.

meme =p said...

Alice Kim: haha i would have to agree!!

Mei:Hwangbo is a good goal to work towards.

Anonymous: good weepy tears right?

Jung: Yes, he did look very somber.

Liliana: Yes, it's almost like you don't know what's good til its gone!

Babypam_08:hey long time no everyone else..I totally agree with you. Hey..happy tears only, kay?

Anonymous-we do tend to think the same =p

GaGa-Sh should already be back...but I think she is tying loose ends up. Hopefully her return is quick..I miss her!! I'm sure she'll need my help here and there!

LVK: girl you know I love Joongbo as much as you..I heard you have a pretty fantastic new PS out there...

Kiani:hey long time no see either. Everybody here is pretty great.

Anonymous: is that a poll? Those are some pretty goodlooking men on that list =p

Anonymous: I like Yunho too. He seems very sincere with his feelings for HB.

babypam_08 said...

Hi meme! Yes, it's good to be back hehe! Happy new year! :)

Anonymous said...

When HJ & HB have matched by God, nobody can seperate them because God is in control all the universe no matter what kind of bad acts the antis do. God will demolish them because God knows their hearts and actions. HB & HJ are helping & serving the underpriviliged people like themselves. That is a real good stewardship in this world in the eyes of God. Thus, I'm praying for them continually to do good works. I'd like to involve & learn from their sincere love to others. Justin.

J.J. said...

I've been mulling upon this for DAYS. But that picture of him kills me. I think one of the charms of Hyunjoong in WGM was that he was so raw. I blame all the refinement of Boys Over Flowers, having molded and shaped him to that princely face we see. It saddens me.

I want WGM/Pre-BoF hyunjoong back. He wasn't "pretty", he was gorgeous, raw, and mysterious. I loved the complexity.

Sorry, but that picture above really, really irks me.

kiani said...

I agree with you 1000%, xDD. I miss the KHJ from WGM, like he said, that was the real him.

J.J. said...

Kiani, i don't think it was the REAL him, but it was something close. But I'm not even talking about personality, I'm talking about looks and aesthetics.
I miss his face the worry lines, the imperfections the nuances... He's raw. Now he looks ethereal, cherubic, statu-esque which unnerves me a bit. I see a celebrity, I don't see humanity.

J.J. said...

...all that to say his face now misses the ethos of who he is. There is such a great disparity between his personality and is façade/visage.

Michelle said...

nicely said.
this is what i felt while i was watching them.
they showed me the type of relationship i want to have.

missgayda said...

J.J i agree with you. thats why i love watching him in wgm.