Wednesday, January 26, 2011

[Scans] The Face Shop Notebook Photos

more beautiful than a flower~~~ hihihihi~!


meme =p said...'s pretty sad that he is prettier then alot of females out there =p

ze said...

meme, i totally agree :)

LvKprogram said...

Have you seen his natual face? Without make up & photo touch...he tooked handsome manly man not pretty like a female.

@meme =p Hi there!

@SH HiHI^^

meme =p said...

@ze: sigh.

@LVK: Hey woman!! How are you? Did you escape the traffic at a good hour?

Anonymous said...

hello people! im new here, so new to ssangchu couple. i like KHJ, and even a regular user of the face shop product :)


Anonymous said...

Usually I don't fancy much about "jean shirt+and pant" kind of guy. Too chessy for me. ("rocker/leather kind of guy that I fancy much about!).

But I have to admit that KHJ makes jean shirt look cooler, sexier and more yummy.