Thursday, January 6, 2011

the kiss, how did u feel?

Gosh, how long did it take for them to finally complete that kiss? [too damn long -tommy]   Many people don't understand why these two made such a big deal about a little kiss on the cheek.  I mean, it's just a peck on the cheek right?  Only, it's not.  It's easy to hug and kiss someone you don't care about [you hug & kiss people you don't care about, why? -tommy] but it's harder to do that with someone you have feelings for.  When there are feelings involved, you're much more nervous because you're taking a bigger risk.  By admitting to nervousness and confusion, they're not only letting each other see their weaknesses, they're also allowing the viewers a glimpse of how they truly feel.  I don't know about you but they couldn't pay me enough to admit anything of that sort on tv.  What if my feelings were not reciprocated?  I mean, it's documented for the whole world to see [actually just the people who watch WGM, so not the WHOLE world -tommy].
Nala commented once that she felt that this episode was a stepping stone for HJ because this was when he admitted that he was "afraid."  Afraid because he finally took a risk perhaps?

*Btw, many of you are wondering about SH, to be honest, she should have been back already.  I believe she is tying up loose ends and hopefully she will come in contact soon, let's wish her well.  Until then, LVK so kindly offered her services a little longer and J.J will help fill your days with her fanfics.  Thank you ladies for your help!! You will also notice that Tommy made an appearance in today's post, you will see him occasionally, for he thinks his opinion matters and would like to make sure he is quoted properly [see how she likes to twists my words-tommy].


Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone who is keeping this blog alive while SH is gone!!! Meme your articles are nostalgic, lvk your pictures a spazz worthy and jj your stories are simply sweet.

Anonymous said...

Why did I just imagine the two of you fighting over the keyboard hahaha

Anonymous said...

i don't know why pp don't make his confession as a head line. that's obviously the man is in love with his buin. he admitted that he has feelings for her but pp only laugh off his comments. weird

Anonymous said...

You know when you kiss someone you love, there are always involved w/ neurons that are working faster to release all chemicals (K+, Na+,
ca+, & cl-) from central(Brain) nervous system(CNS) to the peripheral nervous system(PNS). Therefore, all those chemistries work faster when you love someone even though you're only kissing on the cheek which causes nervousness. Because HJ & HB' chemistries are working faster, which cause their hearts are pounding faster by the action potential of the chemistries.

On the countrary, PK kissings had not involved w/ any of those chemistries, so his neurons were working very slowly w/o any nervousness. That is totally different feelings if you love someone or not when you kiss. Justin.

Anonymous said...
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babypam_08 said...

Meme! You and Tommy are hilarious!

I found it weird that they really had a hard time even if it was just a kiss on the cheek. Especially when they had to look into each other's eyes, they were so shy. I don't know if it's the culture but having feelings for someone makes initiating intimacy very hard. You get all nervous. But in the end we both know they liked it. I'm glad the photographer asked them to do a lot of things. This episode made them realize a lot of things. HJ was really sweet to surprise Buin in the end with his outfit. I like how he shows how he cares in his own way. They really fit each other. Segyero!

J.J. said...

Justin loved the anatomy/physiology lesson. But I also think it does have to do with how comfortable the people are. HJ and HB's fondness for each other is apparent, and that's the same too with JSM and HJ. However the bond is different. I know I'm a joongbo-er, but I say this without the mantle of being a joongbo-er, JSM and HJ's chemistry is different. There's a different feel between them, a different type of fondness. There's no attraction like HB's and HJ's attraction--romantic or otherwise--but there is a deeper connection.
So time+close proximity=deeper affection (JSM and HJ) in contrast to attraction+close proximity-time=(HB and HJ)

Regardless, just take everything with a grain of salt. I would only truly care who Hyunjoong (or Hwangbo) chooses to be with if that mean he (and she) is with me (or my boyfriend). Not to say that I'm not happy for them...

Meme, I'm frantically trying to get the story done! T_T so many drafts so little time

J.J. said...

Btw, Tommy, I knew you weren't going to leave this community once you started.

Admit it, you're inadvertently addicted.


Anonymous said...

meme, actually i was wondering too why it was so hard for both of them getting into that kiss shot.. but then I realize maybe because they like each other so much and it would be too obvious.. kekeke

btw, meme- my guy and i finished the whole WGM episode over the holidays. he liked it bacause he said HB is sexy but deep down i know the ssangchu bug bit him too..


kdj said...

Allow me to bring this up again ^^

I hope I won't burden dear Justin to translate HB's latest twit *bows* I'm just too curious(&interested) to know since I saw the word "kiss" on her twitpix and there's Kwon Sang Woo image on the pix too..

I'm not sure which one came up first, but from the date I chose to believe this post was posted earlier than her twit..

Just another interestingly (unrelated) coincidence??

I guessed I'm too giddy because of this "kiss" thing, lol XD

phoenix said...

I feel the same way, meme. When i watched this episode, i was thinking why so awkward since it is only a peck on the cheek then i realized, it requires a step forward for both of them. Unlike in the dramas or movies, this is a reality show where there is no scripts or whatsoever. so, definitely they both have a little if not more feelings for each other..i really love this blog. It's been 2 years since it ended but we can't leave them behind...too many memories.... ah...

ItadakimasU said...

Meme (lvk and jj... and tommy) thanks for all your effort!!

Hahhah and i love the subtle meddling from Tommy :)

Anonymous said...
I'll trans here because the cbox is too small.
Men's Kiss - Personality of Men' Kiss -.
1. A man who does kiss by holding hands (rationalist)
2. A man who does kiss by closed eyes (Romanticist).
3. A man who does kiss by holding strongly on the shoulders (Self Centerist).
4. A man who does kiss on the forehead (A Playboy).
5. A man who does kiss on the upper lip (Dynamatist or Intensifist)
6. A man who does kiss on the lower lip (There is curiosity).
7. A man whose hands go to the breasts while kissing (have had experiences).
8. A man whose hands go to the hip while kissing (animal style).
9. A man who does kiss on the cheek (Inner personality).

Women' Kiss - Peersonality of women' kiss -
1. A woman who leans her body after finishing kiss (The personality relys on to a man).
2. A woman who opens her eyes while kissing (Have strong pride).
3. A woman who breakes moods by changing a topic when the man is about to kiss (Smart head).
4. A woman who speakes after kissing (Good finishing).
5. A woman who looks at the bottom after kissing (Honesty).
6. A woman who closes her eyes as soon as his lips touch hers (Rationalist).
7. A woman who looks at him after kissing (Detailist).
8. A woman who refuses by words to the person who tries to kiss (Difficult personality).
9. A woman who laughs after kissing (There is no quality to kiss!!).

Hi Guys! This is what Hwang Buin sent. Think about what HJ & HB's styles are. Enjoy it hahaha... Justin.

kdj said...

Justin, thank you!! And Meme, thanks for this spazz-worthy post! ^^ the scene itself gives me goosebumps (still), now the insight from you (& helpful Tommy, of course ^^) thrilled me more~ ^^

From the list (my guess based on WGM) it's 9-9 for both! ^^

9. Inner personality &
9. There is no quality to kiss!

ssorry, but I couldn't quite figure out the meaning of those personality exactly... (lol) can someone kind enough explain it to me? thank you for your generous help~!! *bows* ^^

Anonymous said...

You're welcome kdj
9. Inner personality = Introvert.
9. There is no quality to kiss!= not able to be kiss, not having ablity to kiss, or cannot be kiss, etc. I hope this is clear to you. Justin.

Anonymous said...

I feel nervous like them while waiting for their first kiss to

Meme, everytime you post something, it makes want to watch that certain episode again. I can't get enough of Joongbo, they're my relief after long day of work.


LvKprogram said...

Quote from meme blog "it's harder to do that with someone you have feelings for."

I think HB felt same way with meme's point.

100 day episode (epi 14) from Private interview:

HB: I was really nervous. He was shy, and so was I. If he was really just a dongseang, it would have been fine. Like, Noona’s going to hug you, going to peck you. But as I was thinking of him as my man, I couldn’t do anything.

Hope HB's own word give little light to why it was hard for them to just peck on the cheek.

Anonymous said...

i so agree with you LvK...


Anonymous said...

From the video look at her eyes and the way she's resting her head on his shoulders while he was saying those words. She already knew his fears,just waiting for his confirmation, aren't all women like that? ^.* She needed to hear it come out of his mouth.

I used to be very wary of these coincidences but my heart says otherwise so I will just believe ^^

meme =p said...

anon#1: you are most welcome! LVK's work is pretty awesome and J.J's stories a short and sweet. They are much help.

anon#2: he just pushed my computer chair out the way and parked himself in front of the computer =p

anon#3: yea people tend to think its just for the show.

Justin: thanks for explaining it in words that were easy for me to understand =p

Babypam_08: it bad that we don't mean to be funny? I thought his crazy outfit in the end was crazy fun but extremely sweet.

j.j- Hey girl, don't worry about, I know you are busy. Our readers will wait, the longer the wait the better the story is going to be =p

purple chagi- im glad your man got to experience some Joongbo love =p She is pretty sexy stuff but I think she wins you over with her wonderful personality.

kdj-I think I just get lucky a whole lot, it just happens to be a coincidence!!!

phoenix- thank you for visiting this blog =p i think everyone here feels pretty much the same way you do.

ItadakimasU-hey i think I saw you in Ockoala's comment boz the other day!! Thank you! it's no problem at all. Tommy is only funny because you don't have to keep him ;)

Nala: it's cute, right? The giddiness, like you are experiencing it for the first time!

LVK: i totally agree.

Mamu57:I agree with you agreeinng with LVK =p

Anon:"I used to be very wary of these coincidences but my heart says otherwise so I will believe"
wise words =p

Anonymous said...

Kissing people you don't feel "attracted" to is so darn easy. But with someone you fancy, you are attracted too or even worse, you are in love with, is too darn hard. Cause it's too exciting, frustrating, the killing moment. Even with a slight inch of finger touching can give your life a "death" of "rebirth". It has such tremendous power over you!

Their fear to kiss cheek and they sweated over that "little touch", THAT made me believe there must be something going on with them. Cause "non-attracted" wouldn't feel that way.

Ps. people always misunderstand about freely romantic display. That shows there's a classic sign of no chemistry. Preventing or being so nervous over small skinship, THAT"S THE SIGN!

Anonymous said...

Ps. people always misunderstand about freely romantic display. That shows there's a classic sign of no chemistry. Preventing or being so nervous over small skinship, THAT"S THE SIGN!
Anon above me, you are absolutely right!!!!

For other WGM couples with so much skinship, it doesn't mean "so much love", it means "so much comfort". Just a slight skinship with huge nervousness = huge attraction!

PS. Can anyone clarify to me about "leaves fortune telling"? Some fans said that HJ's leaves ended with "I don't love her" but HJ was schemic enough to rip the leave into 2 parts to make it end at "I love you".

I paused the clip and rewind it many times and I don't see it that way. The last 3 leaves were picked in order, "I love her, I don't, I love her".

No sign that HJ ripped them as the way he wished to change the outcome.

Or I am wrong?