Monday, January 10, 2011

most charitable??

How does that saying go?  
When you start seriously dating someone you kinda become one,
you start looking the same, dressing the same, and having the same interests and hobbies.
Both of them passing out coal to the underprivileged, what a sweet coincidence.
Regardless of their relationship status, 
it's great to see HJ and HB participating in charity work =p

You never know,
maybe they can win an award for most charitable couple
and show up together,
like this =p

Thanks LVK again.  You're pretty amazing.
If this keeps up, I'm going to have hit you up pretty soon....
I wonder how I would look next to Se7en.
Hey, a girl can dream =p


Anonymous said...

Buin really has good influenced on her Shillang..Coal couple Jjang.. kekeke


Anonymous said...

Wow..I'm quite touched and this keeps me believing in our ssangchu couple!! ^^

Sara said...

Gosh they make me feel fuzzy inside!!! Thanks so much LVK you never cease to amaze me!!!! Love it, love them, love you!!!

ze said...

it's really great to see both HJ and HB participating in charity work for the needy/poor. It's always nice that celebrity use their time, effort and money to bless others...Ah...i really miss them :)

Anonymous said...

I love it~! I think there is only one organization that does this and it's pretty new, so HJ definitely heard it from either HB or TOP :D Either way, how awesome is it that he changed the fanmeet into this type of event?

Anonymous said...

She did say that she wanted to be a couple that did good deeds together. Whoever they end up with, hope they continue to help the less fortunate forever. Better if they do it together though.

Anonymous said...

Their love stories continue through sharing love & fortunes to the poor. How precious is that? Beauty comes from the inner character not outside apperences. When the inner & outer beauty combine, the beauties are praised by God & other people. I'm glad that HJ is influenced a lot by his lover. They're real resembles to each other & perfect w/ each other. When they are together to help the underpriviliged, that will spread love & shine to the world. When they are together, the spreading love mission will be completed. Justin.

GaGa said...

What can I say? Shillang stated he want to be Buin's puppy, and follow what his Buin said!

He proved by his action!!

GaGa said...

Oh, and addition to MeMe wild fancy request with Seven, can I have one with Takeshi Kaneshiro?

meme =p said...

Gaga-you're gonna have to back off...Takeshi Kaneshiro has already been spoken for. Stand in that guys jawline is unbelievable =p

GaGa said...

Wahahaha! For him, I will make sure I fight hard to jump in line!!

montaneejo said...

If Buin is Shillang true inspiration on Charitable acts, it's the sure sign of TRUE LOVE.

Anyway, some antis mention that HJ is inspired by BYJ(his boss of Keyeast, not HB.

Either way, I would be so happy and gone to heaven if HB influenced him but still be glad with HJ's good deeds.