Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy 1000th Day To Our Joongbo Couple

Hyunjoong asked Hwangbo to throw somethings away as he prepares an event on the beach. When she came back..

HJ: I.. I have a present for you. It's not something I bought but I brought it from somewhere...
HB: *laughs* From the dumpster?
HJ: No way~
HB: But didn't you just give me three presents?
HJ: I have one more last present. Can you see the line on the sand? The fine line? When you stand up..
HB: Oh I can see it, I can see it! From here to.. that's the end?
HJ: It circles around us...
HB: Oh, a circle?
HJ: In this circle, I've buried 5 things... Find them.
HB: In here?
HJ: Yeah.
HB: I have to dig it?
HJ: Yep.
HB: 5 things?
HJ: Yep~
HB: But the circle is so big...
HJ: Aigoo, yeah I think I made it too big...

Hwangbo tried to find all the things he hid on the sand. Hyunjoong also helped because he forgot where he placed them. After she found all of them...

HB: I found all of them, what's next?
HJ: Like what I mentioned before.. when you gather a thousand paper cranes, your love will come true... You found 5 today and I made you one before, but it was gone because it got wet...
HB: So then?...
HJ: Including that one..
HB: 994 cranes more.. is it?
HJ: I will make those for you..
HB: *tried to hide her face* *smiles*
HJ: *hands her the cranes* I think I'm gonna hide them in harder locations next time.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I'll be good for the next 994 days!
HB: Then you won't be nice anymore on the 995th day?
HJ: Well that's when I'll start folding paper turtles. *laughs*
HB: *laughs* Thank you..
HJ: It's nothing..

Private Interview:

HB: Like always.. a jewelry.. a ring.. I don't expect them at all. His smiles and the things he does that make me smile.. I think those are the most important and hardest things to have. I thought... If you have both of those,... why would you fight or break up?


@anon: here's a sea turtle design for origami instruction :D hope this helps~! You need to follow the first 4 steps of the pliosaur design, then continue on with the sea turtle. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Joongboers, anyone here is an Art Teacher? Or anybody who can demonstrate us how to fold paper turtles?Maybe the kind Japanese joongboer can teach us origami on turtles.While we are folding the turtles, make a wish for the ssangchu couple to become real!SH,please upload one if you have, and if you don't mind.Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

I am anon 1. Thank you very much sh.I love Ssangchu couple very much and will always pray that if they are the true soulmate,please Mighty God, let them lead a happy life as a real married couple.If each of us can fold one turtle,it might be possible for our dream to become true.amen.

lk said...

Happy 1000th day!Thanks SH!I wondered the bag(backpack)that she got from from MR. Ssangchu 1000th day's present..did he DIY?..will that be with paper turtles inside?!BTW,Ditto also meant to"repeated" if I'm not mistaken...

To #1,how to fold a paper turtle,

Happy Ssangchu 1000th!!And with our best wishes to the couple,can't wait for the baby Ssangchu,how's sweet that could be!I always think this is the year,not 30 years old,is 26(according by his age in Korean),is three years not four,if anyone can get what I meant,then...hi five!!

kiani said...

I remember the episode like yesterday, it was funny how Shillang couldn't remember where he had hidden the paper cranes, keke...and you posting it makes me to watch it again. How many times will that be, hmmm.... doesn't matter, never gets old, I still feel the love.
Wow 1000 days? Can you tell me the day that makes it 1000th day?
The how to turtle origami, thank you, not much of an artist, but I wanna try making one, I love turtles.

Thank you SH, for always making us happy...

Anonymous said...

happy 1000th day to our ssangchu couple! i wanna learn that turtle origami too..


Anonymous said...

happy 1000th day to our ssangchu couple! i wanna learn that turtle origami too..


GaGa said...

Time files!!!
Already 1000 days?!!

It seems to me that Ssanchu couple left WGM like yesterday!
I still can remember almost every detail in each episode..... and it reaches 1000days already!

Hyun Joong, where are those turtles!! You should show us Turtles now, instead of the UFO!!

Happy 1000th day!
So how many days left for London Olympics?