Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lovers In Paris - Hwangbo

Lee Seung Gi & Kim Kyung Rok tries to capture Hwangbo's heart.

[You know you got killed too by these two boys! This was back on the XMAN days, and after watching it again, I noticed myself gluing Hyunjoong's face on Seung Gi & Kyungrok's. xD


cati_21 said...

LIP was the first korean series that I loved! hahaha so when I finally saw thing.... i was rofl!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

cati; Lovers In Paris is one of my favorites.. esp when he was doing the self-cam thing omg I cried so much there T_T

BUT LOL! Kyung Rok's hilarious as Park Shin Yang xDDD

Anonymous said...

Did I just see Crown J @ 2:10? He looks so different with longer hair O.O