Friday, June 12, 2009

Joongbo Episode 6 Quotes

One of my favorite episodes, because the skinship meter is very high LOL!

Episode 6

Hyukjae: Who is more beautiful between your wife and Shinae?
HB: That's a weird question!!
HJ: Well.. their styles are very different. Buin is the beautiful Southeast Asian style.
HB: *hits Hyunjoong*
Hyukjae: How about Shinae?
HJ: She's European style.
Hyundon: So which style do you prefer?
HJ: I like Asians~
HB: *laughs*

HJ: Do you want something refreshing? *takes off his life vest*
HB: What are you going to do?
HJ: *unclasps Hwangbo's life vest**
HB: I have to take this off?
HJ: Yeah. *puts his hands behind his neck* Do this. Cross your fingers.
HB: *follows*
Hyunjoong from behind wraps his arms around her and carries her. Hwangbo's spine cracks
HJ: Isn't it refreshing?
HB: Yes... but out of all the other exercises!!!

Private Interview

About how he couldn't pick up the sunglasses she threw.

HJ: She threw it but I couldn't swim because the current was strong. If we go to an indoor swimming pool, I'll make sure to master the technique to pick up stuff.

Interviewer: Will you pick up anything if someone else throws it?

HJ: Only if Hwang Buin throws it, or else that's like being a puppy.. I want to be Hwang Buin's puppy.

HB: I'm tired because I'm old. Aren't you tired?
HJ: No.. I'm still young!

HB: I'm tired...
HJ: I think you need to rest, you don't look so good.
HB: *laughs*

HJ: I think you need to rest!
HB: Why do you keep saying that? I'm fine!
HJ: You don't look so good..
HB: That's because my make up is washed off!

HJ: Aren't you tired?
HB: Yes I am. Do I get a service since I'm so tired?
HJ: *stands*
HB: There's no energy drinks today?
HJ: *holds her feet* I'll massage your feet.
HB: No! It's okay! *stops him*
HJ: Why?
HB: No, I'm alright!
HJ: Why? *holds her feet again*
HB: What are you doing?
HJ: Just in case you have cramps.. When your old, your muscles easily cramp!
HB: I was so surprised.. For me---
HJ: But you should have cramps by now.
HB: I'm really alright.
HJ: Really?
HB: It's embarrassing!

Private Interview

HB: I was really shocked! But the funny thing was that he made me uneasy with the warm-ups, and I almost got cramps when he tried to massage my feet. I was so tense. I was really shocked.

HJ: When I looked at her feet, I wanted to twist them. When I tried to do it, we both got surprised.

HB: I want some water.
HJ: Water? *scoops water from the pool with his hands*
HB: I should open my mouth.
Hyunjoong splashes the water to her but then quickly wipes her face with his arms.
HJ: I'm just kidding..
HB: Your life is a playground...

HB: Shall we play "Catch me"?
HJ: What's that?
HB: The catching game.
HJ: *quickly grabs her life vest*
HB: *laughs*

HJ: Because I'm a man, I'll run slowly.
HB: I'll do exactly what you did last time.
HJ: *sings* Catch me if you can~~~ *runs really fast*

(Hwangbo lost since he ran really far)

HB: The tasty beers! But we shouldn't drink this, right? It's too early.
HJ: I don't really mind at all.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Then do you want to buy one..
HJ & HB: ..and share?
HB: I think we're starting to understand each other.

HB: You know what people say?
HJ: What?
HB: That we always have moments of silence.. I hate those moments! *laughs*
HJ: Then think of other stuff..
HB: What stuff?
HJ: During the silence I was thinking, "Jungmin is spitting." *points at a horse fountain*


HJ: When I first saw Chakra, I thought you were Indians! You even have the thing on your forehead. I thought you were Indians.
HB: When I was a member of Chakra, I didn't even audition.
HJ: Really? *laughs*
HB: You didn't know?
HJ: You match with the Chakra thing. *laughs*
HB: They came up to me and never even asked me to sing nor dance. They just wanted me to join. Then they placed that thing on my forehead. *laughs* I turned Indian.
HJ: Even your name "Hwangbo" doesn't fit you.. "Al Mazahhad" fits you better.
HB: *falls down laughing*

HB: You saw me during the Chakra days, right? You remember?
HJ: Yeah. *sings and imitates the dance*
HB: So you were thinking, "Oh, that's a foreigner!"
HJ: No.. You guys were in a temple-like location...
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I saw you guys singing in a temple.
HB: That's in Thailand!
HJ: I thought, "Whoa Indian woman!"

Private Interview

HB: Before we have 10 silences but now it's down to 5. They say "It's much better to date an experienced person." and truthfully I'm jealous of that. I keep thinking it would have been more comfortable if it's with an experienced man... But I think he's very pure. Everything seemed as if his first time. People say that it's better to date for a short time and get married. Now I understand why. It's fun to learn about the person slowly.



myghostgarments said...

just reading the transcripts make me smile. so silly, but i can't help it. ^^

Anonymous said...

starting from that ep, we became closer and noticed that HJ started to act like HB's man, not just a kid.

Oh... what can I do ? really miss them terribly.

cati_21 said...

yey another update!~
thanks dear!..... its fun to read the quotes and think about the scenes that goes with it! :)
i miss them terribly!....
can you read korean? there's a post in Soompi Joongbo thread that needs translation.... it would be awesome if you could translate....*hugs!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

myghostgarments; hehe imagine me rewatching, then typing them all over again.. im going crazy xD

anonymous; i feel that too.. HJ started openig up to hwangbo ^^

cati; no prob!~~

a little bit, i can xD but you know i had problems with it before lol esp. with the we got married captions ;__;

but i will definitely try! what's it about?

thestyliss said...

yeayyy!!!! you've done it :) quite fast should I say *grin*

thanks!!! can't stop smiling and gigling now and it's already past midnight :P

cati_21 said...

here's the link.....
is a dc post hehehe relating HB to HJ...
its the captions dear hehehe.....
we would really appreciate it if you could enlighten us! hehehe.....

btw... do you have a facebook account? pm me if you have one i would love to add you as my friend! :)

Anonymous said...

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