Monday, June 29, 2009

Is this the Joongbo gold watch??

I know the couple watches are endorsed by them on WGM,
but there are lots of times Kyu is also wearing the same things!

1. Blue Colonized Hoodie
2. Secret Code Ring
3. Gold Watch


I just found it very cute *w*


eLe-miLa said...

Yeah! that is the gold watche of WGM x-D

Ssangchu Heaven said...

I want to see Joongbo wear it again TT__TT

eLe-miLa said...

that would be fabulousssssssssssss!!

JoongBo!! we need them again

chubbycasper said...

Are there other pics of Kyu Jong wearing the SCR and the blue Doraemon sweater? Very curious!