Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update On Hyunjoong + Another MV?

I was trying to look for more info about Hyunjoong's health, if he's properly resting and whatnot and I got some update from quainte!

Credits: Webmaster@DSPent Thailand (The official fanclub forum) + (English Translation)

"You don't have to worry about him too much. Now his condition is better.
He's just waiting for the doctor to give him a thorough check up before
he can be discharged from the hospital.
What is worth is for you guys to give him and the rest of SS501 lots and lots of support.
Because now all 5 of them are working so hard and if they get lots of support from you guys,
they can work hard from the strength you give them."
This made me so happy, you have no idea... I was worried sick ever since I heard he fainted ;__;

BUT THEN.... I just read that he'll be back for another shooting on June 12!!! TT__TT
Why, why, why DSP WHYYY? Can he have a week of sleep at least?

The shooting will be for fellow F4, Kim Joon's solo song. (Kim Joon is from the group T-Max and they will release a new album soon where each member will have a solo.) Kim Hyunjoong is said to be the lead male in the music video and it will be shot at Gyeonggi-do province.

I mean I know that they already cast him, and the plans have already been made.. But if we're talking about a person's health, they should know what the first priority is, right?????? =_=;;

Added to this, I just posted news about "slave companies" in Korea, and guess what? DSP is one of them. (Full article here.)



Anonymous said...

What DSP's doing is not right... chongmal..

Ssangchu Heaven said...

Agree with you 100% I mean, gosh.. why can't they understand that the boy is super is exhausted already?? urgh..

Anonymous said...

D S P - 3 letters that I hate !

Anonymous said...

poor shillang..i miss a happy him during WGM days. sometimes he just looked so exhausted in some of his interviews.. about buin?
did she visit shillang?

Anonymous said...

First of all, this is just the greatest far the best KHJ/Joongbo site anywhere. Huge thanks and appreciation for your skill and dedication.

And secondly, how fantastically depressing to have the "slave contract" article confirm everything I had been fearing about KHJ's imploding physical and mental health!! That breezy "Oh don't worry" coming from DSP/Quainte is repulsive in the extreme. Obviously this kind of abuse has been the music industry norm for a long time and there are deep cultural reasons the status quo will not change quickly or easily. Also obviously most artists manage to find their way through without being destroyed, but I'm not sure our 4D shillang is cut out for the killing workload, the happy-face lies, not getting paid (notice DSPs exultant press about all the KHJ big money commercial contracts describes the eye-popping dollar amount as "market value"...certainly not KHJ earnings), and being pushed around creatively. And I'm so surprised that most fan sites roll over this kind of information like it didn't exist. Where is the avalanche of supportive comments to the government - meaningful laws and real protection for your supposedly beloved artists wont happen without public pressure. Instead you get "oh cool, another MV coming!" What!!?? Well...sheesh...I don't know what else to do but pray for world peace...or "whirled peas" as the bumper sticker says. Find some way to remind myself that humans have been behaving badly forever, and things eventually move along. In the meantime, I'm sending our Hyun Joong as much love and light on the psychic internets as I can muster from the City of Our Lady Queen of the Angels (otherwise known as LA).

kathie said...

it's good news then that HJ is doing good.. and w/ regards to DSP being one of Korea's Slave Companies is really disturbing.. i hope they be reprimanded by the Korean Government..


anyways, please join this site..

it's also an F4 site where you get to read and join to the forum discussions.. Joongbo Couple are also featured in one of the Site's group.. see yah!

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

why must DSP slaVe him!~
i am so sad heaRing thaT he fainted...makes my heaRt bleeds...
anD looking at pictures of him full of exhaustion even when he is smiling makes me even more sad!~
just give the guy a break......and...poor HJ i guess being an idoL is like giving ur soul to the demon... GOD....
HJ get well soon.....

thaicatty said...

At least he gets better...
although he start work, really hope that it will be not so pack...

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; hopefully soon dsp will be a company we will love.. TAKE CARE OF OUR HYUNJOONGIE!!

anonymous; i wish she did :)

anonymous; thank you *w*~~

you just made a killer comment, i couldn't agree with you more... i hate the fact that they always say everything is fine, but it isn't.. i don't know what goes on the korean entertainment industry, but for what i can see they're putting the lives of their artists so unbelievably difficult.. the training itself is just mind boggling to me.. i mean i remember back in 2006 ss501 had to practice till 3 am, and then prepare at 6 am for an event.. x__x they were just rookies then, and of course now, being super popular, of course the workload is heavier!

i wish hyunjoongie all the best, and hopefully dsp and other entertainment companies will treat their artists like what they really are, humans.

kathie; i'll put the link up on the sidebar :D thank you~~!!!

untouchable gurl; totally feelin the 'giving your soul to a demon'... this is basically what idol stars have to deal with ahhh.. so sad for them..

thaicatty; im relieved too!~~ and i wish for the same thing!