Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hyunjoong Tops Yahoo Search In Hong Kong

Quote from Angel @ SS601

This is the first time Hyun Joong is on Hong Kong Yahoo's top search
We are so proud of him and awaiting for SS501's visit to Hong Kong^^



jess said...

I'm so happy that HyuNjoong oppa is TOP Yahoo Hongkong search... That means his popularity is really really high in Hongkong. Super Junior and SS501 will arrive to Taiwan same day, same time, same airport. I wonder who will have more fans.. I'm praying that SS501. I believe HyunJoong oppa popularity will win over.. Anyway, I'm jessicakth in Soompi. You will see me often in Kim HyunJoong oppa official thread. Nice to know your blogspot :)