Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Infinity Girls With Supernova

I was searching on Youtube for the latest Infinity Girls episode
and I stumbled upon this video right here:

Remember when Supernova was on IG?
Our poor Hyunjoong... xD


Don't touch my Buin!!!

[This caused great discussion when Hyunjoong & Hwangbo's 100th day photoshoot aired because she also had a wedding photoshoot with Yoonhak, and wasn't shy when playing the paper game with him xDDD]


eLe-miLa said...

I love that pic!!! jajaj his face jajaj ¡oh! god i love it!!!. I saw that video before but i din´t kwon that was in the same time of WGM.

HwangBo is only shy with KHJ... maybe cause she has another feelings for him. And IG have script and WGM didn´t!!!

Also, before i give you a comment about a "notice" about HwangBo and Dongwan (shinhwa guy) But it is old.

Here is the link of the articule


Here is a link for a "excelent pic" from her cyworld


I hope this help you!!

PD: in this moment Dongwan is in his military service.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

omg!! i love dongwan and hwangbo together!! they're so hilarious because dongwan always teases hwangbo especially on variety shows *w*~~

that picture you posted right there is one of my favorites!!! now i really want to post an entry about them... ♥♥♥

shinhwa + hwangbo friendship is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

eLe-miLa said...


HwangBo + Shinhwa are the best!!

I love the way that they are with her!!

I think she is the 7 member of Shinhwa!!

If you want more photos of HwangBo with them I have all the photos that was in here Cyworld

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong is too busy and popular. Being a superstar, I hope he won't loose his buin.

hana said...

it is not the same as wgm BUT hj must be in check of his buin... just as what the prediction says, other man might steal her heart away .. but i still believe of joongbo becoz of her sincere cries at mount halla..

Anonymous said...

i felt for HJ that time. The first time i saw the vid, i was like, no-you-didnt, coz HB was like really kissing another guy and they were so popular in WGM that time.

Being as jealous as HJ is, he must have smashed the tv the hardest that time.

oh may i say, i love it when HJ is jealous, and i like it when he shows it outright. maybe that is something we uncover about HJ in WGM, his JEALOUS SIDE. i dont think other shows may display that.

huifen said...

omg the video is damn funnie!!
but hwangbo wasnt as shy.. :D:D

FallingSlowly said...

i've seen this video a while back and i thought it was really funny. hwang bo's laugh is contagious as always. but nothing beats the pepero game she had with hyun joong.

Anonymous said...

Hyun Joong has seen it, he said to Hwnagbo that she was not lonely when he was in Japan, he saw her laughing and clapping hands in the TV show while they were waiting for Al Shin couple. Hwangbo had to comfort him and said half of her head was thinking of him when she was filming the that show. He did show he was jealous.

soul said...

any englsh sub for this video?

rachel said...

Ohh, that makes sense! Thanks Anonymous for explaining what that conversation on the beach (waiting for Alshin couple) was referring to... He did mention seeing her on TV in Japan, but I thought he was referring to WGM studio tapings.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

oh dang im so late in commenting.. let me put it in one post xDDD

HJ is a busy guy, since he's an idol. There's a lot more going for him in his life, but then *IF* he really feels there's something with Hwangbo and him, he shouldn't wait since she's in the age to settle down, and mind you there's a lot of guys lining up to be with her.

and also yes!!!! i felt the same way *ROLLS AROUND* when HJ commented that she was happy in a show while he was in Japan, I thought it was because it was the same time this SUPERNOVGA episode aired. xD Once his jealousy strikes it's hard to hide it.. lol

Anonymous said...

"dont touch my buin"....hahahaha...thats cute~~

angie9705 said...

Shillang had his kissing scene also so they're even.