Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hyunjoong Joongbo Poster Fanaccount

Watch this video right here first: CLICK!

Fanaccount from Baidu

English Translation by keepfalling@soompi
HJ noticed the sign board from the begining, then he had been focusing on it.. the board was blocked by camera, 08(our beloved joongboer who's holding the board) moved to the right, HJ was passing by soon, he was still staring at the board..the last exciting scenes is:

he smiled and greeted 08, and patted the board!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you helen & emy for the heads up!!! I absolutely love this *w*~~~ After Jungmin reminds us about Joongbo, here the fans are at it again with posters!!! I wish I can see the poster though @w@




There are a bunch of fancams of their arrival in Taiwan and I didn't see him smile. EXCEPT THIS ONE.


helen said...

haha~u'r welcome~

To the World~!!!

I'm totally wordless today!!!!

hope all Good news keep going on~!!!!

huifen said...

this is so worth celebrating!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

helen; omg i wish for that too!! i want good nes all day everydaaaayyyy!!

huifen; I KNOW!!!!!~~ *GOES CRAZY AGAIN*

Nora said...

I am definitely jumping up and down when i was reading this. And i definitely read it over and over with a silly smirk on my face! Aaaaiiieee!!

I believe in JoongBo and i'll never stop praying for them to be together!

Thanks for the good news! I feel like hugging you..ahahah

jenny said...

you can find the poster here:

cati_21 said...

i was about to tell you! hahahaha
im sooooooooo happy!
everywhere they go....
they are always reminded of each other!

im so happy i get to see the SHILLANG SMILE AGAIN!


pao said...


im loving this! Joongbo is soo together.

to the world!

Anonymous said...

OH, JOY!!!

I nearly died of happiness when i saw this.


Anonymous said...

thanks to 08!

it's too bad we couldn't see more as he walked away... it looked like he showed some teeth in that smile after seeing joongbo board. :)

to the world!

shinigami711 said...

im so happy today..this news has made my day..i was just finished rewatching last episode of WGM. then i surf to your blog and read this great news..

kudos to the joongboer,08..

to the world!!

Anonymous said...

oh my god! when i read this news i was screaming in my room and i watched the vid. he really smiled when he saw the poster. and the background music of the vid is get hot.i heard in the vid that someone is singing get hot ryt? i really wish that their marriage is true. haha!

i certainly love the ssangchu couple.


tahrehsi said...

I couldn't be happier~~~

He saw the poster from far distant already, and he was smiling even brighter as he was APPROACHING it, and since he couldn't take it with him? He just went and PAT the poster. ke ke ke

I see my OTTER/BEAR PRINCE. kekeke, soo adorably cute. - waves at HUBBY at my SS501 dreamland -

J_Girl said...

LOL @ tahrehsi's comment "since he couldn't take it with him..he just went and pat the poster" haahha SOOOO TRUE!!!! AHHHH JOONGBO LOVE EVERYWHERE!!!!

J'me said...

i didn't c him pat the board.. any kind souls have the video or picture?

huifen said...

the person videoing is beside the person holding the board i tink..
can see him stretching out his hand from the video:D:D den smiling brightly with teeth aft turning away..

i got a feeling youngseung's hiding sth. he saw the poster 1st den he quickly turn to HJ. hehehe

Anonymous said...

" i got a feeling youngseung's hiding sth. he saw the poster 1st den he quickly turn to HJ."


ahhh! -faints.-

J'me said...

Thanks huifen..
I think i saw in the last secs...
Hope to see more hj's videos in taiwan

xvii said...

it's a normal reaction, expected even, to smile while thinking of happy thoughts. which is why i really think his stint with hwang bo during WGM is genuinely one of the happiest moments of his life.

Anonymous said...

thumb up for that TW fan. I hope TripleS don't give her a hard time but that board is sooooooooo biggggggg. I am sure it does bring back lots of happy memories for him. his smile looks so familiar. like when he is with her. joongboers are so wonderful, full support from countries to countries

Mrs. Kim♥ said...

where can i watch theat vid? oh, please someone tell me...thanks a bunch!

Mrs. Kim♥ said...

oh, never mind..i already saw the click here link for the video...silly me...i was so freakin' excited i over looked the link...LOL

to the world!

Grasya said...

To the fans who made the poster, i just want to say that you really made a FANTASTIC JOB!!! I admire you for the great effort you put in making and designing the poster and for standing in there to show it to HJ!! Hope the other Joongboer fans will always have a big poster of Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong whenever SS501 will be coming in their country! In this way, HJ will ALWAYS BE REMINDED OF HWANG BO WHEREVER HE GOES BECAUSE HE WOULD ALWAYS SEE A POSTER OF THEM TOGETHER....hahahaha =)

Anonymous said...

HJ definately looks gorgeous smiling whilst thinking about his beloved Buin. xD
How cute. <3

joongbo! said...

i watched it over and over again.
can't help it!
that's a genuine smile*
it'll really reminds him of his buin.

youngsaeng and hyungjoon notice it too. *youngsaeng turned to him and realized that hj noticed it too* *hyungjoon smiles at him when he saw that hj is eyeing on it! hihi*