Friday, June 19, 2009

Which WGM Couple Had Real Sparks?

There's a poll at hehe~ It's not official or anything, just for fun :D
and currently Joongbo couple is 3rd!! WHAAAATTTT!!!??!! Heck nah!

You can head down there to do some clickin' xD

Right now the standings are:

  1. Gundam - 860 votes (The're dating in real life now *w*~~~)
  2. Ant & Witch - 836 votes
  3. Ssangchu - 694 votes
  4. Ansol - 531 votes
  5. Marbi - 191 votes
  6. Acorn Jelly - 169 votes
YAYYYY!!! Ssangchu's leading now!! I totally didn't know we can vote more than once by deleting the cookies then refreshing the page!!! If I knew that I could've done it earlier xD

I'm proud to say after being -200 from Gundam couple's votes, I was a part of the crazy Joongboers that kept on clicking for the WIN!! It was done in just about 15 minutes!! Can you believe that? xDDD

This reminds me of the same craziness when MBC did a bunch of polls on We Got Married, and of course the Best Couple Award ahohoho~



Anonymous said...

*flies to popseoul* but it's too bad we can only vote once!

Anonymous said...

i don't like ant and witch hehe

Anonymous said...

who is the gundam couple?

Anonymous said...

LOL!! All I can say is that we are a crazy bunch but who wouldn't be when they are crazy in luff with Ssangchu like us!!

Anonymous said...

we need to do what ssangchu heaven said, it works~ :
2. delete cookies
3. refresh the page
4. and vote again!

repeat this a 1000 times ^^
ah~ I love this~
Joongbo fighting!

cati_21 said...

good tip dear!
been voting like a maniac!....


Anonymous said...

I did the same too and vote a hundred times hehehe...Its a sign of being a really addicted to JOONGBO COuple.

Hi-5! JoongBo Couple!!To The World!

huifen said...


Anonymous said...

Joongbo couple captured more eyes.They were so natural, they're being themselves and unpredictable.