Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hyunjoong & Hwangbo's Love Pledges

Hwangbo's Love Pledge

For Shillang and Buin to have a good life!

1. To not look at anyone other than wife as a woman
2. To put yourself in the other person's shoes before saying something
3. To spend the days off together
4. To not drink often except on special occasions
5. To call at least twice a day
6. If you have an affair, do as wife says
7. To have respect for each other and to always call me "Buin"
8. To let each other see their first love, but not to tell anyone that the person was the first love


The Pledge of Love, by Kim Hyunjoong

Wherever I may be, I will get medicine when my wife is sick.
I will never look at another woman,
I am confident that I can overcome temptations and hardships.
As I'm married, I will always be around my wife, just like oxygen.


tahrehsi said...

I soo love this pledge.. :) thanks for posting it. If it's ok.. I want to post this in my blog too. :) i'll be sure to put full credits on you. =]

Ssangchu Heaven said...

no problem! and haha no need to put credits since they wrote it themselves ^^

Anonymous said...

it really meaningful. I wish they always abide this contract. what a lovely couple. i really miss them. i miss the time all joongboers stay awake just to watch it live. one year has passed but this couple has always has a place in my heart.

Anonymous said...

ssangchu heaven, thanks. you really responded to what i requested. these pledges are not something like being rich and give you a big house, not something like giving you a diamond ring. they are something very sincere and sweet. if any couple follows these pledges, they would be happy forever.

Ssangchu Heaven said...

piggy; i can't believe it's been a year!

anonymous; i was kinda doubtful if you saw the post or not xD since your name is anonymous hehe..

you're welcome ^^

Anonymous said...

both hwang bo and hyun joong wrote that he would not look at another woman in their love pledge..I find that both of them really have the same way of thinking like when their choose their fave wedding dress.and when hwangbo wanted to write l.o.v.e with fireworks HJ also thinks the same thing.n when they both wanted the grape flavour ice shaved..oww,,is this what people call fate<3~joongbo is so sweet^^

Mary Anne said...

I saw your blog when I was looking for the ssangcho couple pledges, hope I can repost it. I hope you don't mind.

please... thanks!

Anonymous said...

badly missing them! ;(((((((

lettuce couple forever!

Anna said...

Miss this couple, I've watch WGM so many times and I can't get enough of them!!! Someone has a Bieber fever!!!
I have a JOONGBO FEVER.... To the World