Saturday, June 20, 2009

Photobucket problems + requests

I've been having problems with the photos recently... I just made another account today with 38 images and the bandwidth exceeded pretty fast. ^^;

I don't have photobucket pro so my only solution is making a bunch of photobucket accounts (ssangchu_heaven1 to ssangchu_heaven 22! lol) but that means the bandwidth is only 25gb per month.

Help me by not hotlinking the photos. (Hotlinking means using the image files directly to another website.)

The photos are all downloadable so it shouldn't be a hassle ^^ You can click on the photo you want and on the photobucket screen you can click download. The you can put them in your own photobucket/imageshack and other photo uploading sites. ^^

Thank you so much for reading~~! *w*~~


I've been so busy and not been replying on the requests, suggestions and other things!! I'll be working on them on Monday since I'll be out of town again tomorrow ^^;

There are about 36 bg songs since the last update I think? I promise I won't miss not one song this time!! I'll add the Hyunjoong ringtones also!~~

Sorry for the wait ^^


Anonymous said...

try using multiply or flickr :)