Thursday, June 11, 2009

Joongbo Episode 5 Quotes

Episode 5

HJ: I love you Hwangbo~

HJ: Why am I so nervous? Is it because I've never sung a song for her?

HB: Of course a hug would've been nice, since it would be our first skinship, but I didn't want that. Whenever we're alone he never gave me a hug... I feel that it's meaningless to force him to hug me... so I didn't want to hug. But I was really happy when he sang for me. The fact that he sang a song only for me made me happy.

Kyujong: Since you guys are newlyweds, and there's a pool and I'm pretty sure you haven't used it yet. I want the husband to carry the wife in the pool.
*Hyunjoong & Hwangbo silent*
HJ: *grabs her hands* Let's go.

*Private interview*

HB: It felt weird. I really felt like we are a real married couple. I was just embarrassed. But it's strange that it really felt like we're a married couple that moment! They told us to live happily... It felt real. It was very interesting...

HJ: Today made me realize clearly that I'm married. We met about 3-4 times now and I think it's better now, and I think we're closer than before. I think it's nice to be with her.

HB: I think he has changed. As you know I never expected anything.. I just wished that he would at least answer me and have some conversations. I think he has changed a lot.

HB: Aren't you going to work today?
HJ: Me? No I'm not.
HB: Me too.
HJ? Really? Then let's read some comics, cook ramen and sleep.
HB: *glares at him* No sincerity at all...
HJ: *stares at her* How are you these days?
HB: *laughs* Me? These days, since I'm not living alone, it's been fun. How about you?
HJ: My latest situation is, i think I'm living with my eyes open, this is the 4th day!
HB: You can't sleep?
HJ: Yeah.
HB: Then you should rest today.
HJ: But I have a belief, "Have fun when you have time." Must drain of all my energy!
HB: I was like that too when I was younger.
HJ: Really?
HB: Yeah.
HJ: It's hard since you're older now?
HB: *stops knitting*
HJ: I'm just kidding~

*Private interview*

HJ: Because I was so uncomfortable with her, I didn't like each week. I'm always thinking how I can be nice to her the next week. I was so frustrated that on the second week, I tried to find out her phone number so I can call her to hang out and drink soju. And while we're drunk, we can have conversations together... but it didn't happen because she left early..

Normally for me it takes about a year and a half to be comfortable with my girlfriend, so currently it's considered fast.

Hyunjoong read the mission for the day. "Spending the day together."

HJ: What can we do at home?
HB: Why do you always want to stay at home?

At the waterpark...

HJ: You didn't bring a bikini right?
HB: Why? You don't like bikinis?
HJ: No.
HB: Are you embarrassed?
HJ: No, it's not that..
HB: No, I won't wear a bikini, some people might curse me.

Hwangbo shows her swimsuit to Hyunjoong.

HB: It's not too sexy, right? Is it still too sexy?
HJ: ...
HB: You don't like it? Is it okay?
HJ: ...
HB: I did my best to cover up.
HJ: But there's so many kids here,.. and you're "Rated 19".
HB: But I'm wearing a swimsuit in a swimming pool!!!
HJ: Look at other people, they wore normal clothes.

*Private interviw*

HB: I didn't expect it but he got some muscles! It's really funny.. I thought he'd look like a kid... Tall but thin because I've never seen his skin before, but he has muscles! It was really unexpected.. Muscles!

HJ: There's something I can do really well. I'm really good at it.
HB: What?
HJ: I can dive and swim for a really long time! If you throw your earrings or sunglasses in the water, I can dive and swim until there *points* without taking a breath!

Hyunjoong mentioned that it's his first time in the water park. He stopped by on the "shore" of the artificial beach and stuck the end of his umbrella there.

HJ: Aigoo~ What's this?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: It's not sand! I wanted to stick the umbrella here.
HB: *ridiculous*


Anonymous said...

reading this make me miss joongbo even more...
ottoke...(T T)~

thestyliss said...

me too!! I miss them so much! :(

thank you for all the quotes, u make me smile at the end of my miserable day :)

p/s:make some moreee!!*wink*

bb said...

me miss them too :(

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; me too T_T

thestyliss; im planning to finish them since it's the only thing that's not finished in the blog! i'll work double time! hehe

bb; i wish there would be in at least one event together! ahh..

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Me wanttttttttt more. kekeke XD

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awww, missing them but since I'm a believer, I know they are together just that am hoping HJ gets well soon and if possible get some much needed rest (doubtful). thanks for really keeping the love alive!!

eiwa86 said...

in this episode HJ make a lot of skinship even thought he said he do not like skinship..

Anonymous said...

thank you, my day will never be complete without visiting this blog.You always make my day.
This episode is Hyun Joong's Birthday right? Hwangbo made a vest for HJ and HJ made a peanut necklace for HB.

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hehehe... you know im waiting for this one! hehehe.....
thanks dear!......

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I watched the cuts ten times at least, also many videos about them. But I never feel tired to repeat and repeat. Every time I watched I still feel happy.

Ssangchu Heaven, thanks for your hard work.