Tuesday, June 16, 2009

All The Joongbo News Recently

Whew~~~ I was in Michigan for a few days so I wasn't able to update the blog, but here are all the news in one go xDDD


Cellphone Wallpapers

Wallpapers from ss601~~

[You know, I have a lot of Hyunjoong wallpapers since I got a new phone... If you want them I can put them up, but the problem might be like it might not fit your phone's resolution... I got ringtones + wakeup calls etc of Hyunjoong too~~ xD

Him waking you up with a loud "Saranghae" is not too bad right? There's also one when he's using a bunch of loud stuff, it's HILARIOUS.]

Easy Magazine Vol. 563 - SS501
This feature has lots of old photos that I LOVE. *w*

Japanese Magazine June 2009 Issue
There's been a load of Japanese Magazine specials recently woohoo~~

Easy Magazine Hyunjoong Special
Again with a lot of the shmexy photoshoots from before!! I love, love, love them!

More Haptic Fanmeeting Photos
T__T So skinny this boi..

Hyunjoong Be My Girl Teaser
OMG! YES!!!! The MV is actually HIS SOLO. *flies* It will be included in the SS501 solo collection that will be released soon!!

DSP Letter About Hyunjoong
DSP explains why the Thailand trip was cancelled.

DSP Clears Up Hyunjoong's Condition
They said Hyunjoong wasn't admitted to the hospital.

SS501 Collection Album Notice From DSP
About the solos! Kyujong & Hyunjoong's MV teasers are released already. Hyunjoong's MV will be out on June 16th!

SS501 For Asia Pacific Super Modeling Competition

Who Do You want To Spend Your Summer With?
SS501 of course!

Kim Hyunjoong Be My Girl MV Screencaps
The guy liner is okay for me.. haha.. But I like it better when he doesn't have it xD I feel bad for Kyujong though! Not bashing him or anything, but his guyliner action is 5 billion times more than Hyunjoong's! I think he had circle lens too o.o

The boys look better with their natural selves ahhh..

Infinity Girls Episode 87
Soo much fun!

[Fancam] Hwangbo At The Circle Nightclub
OMG listening to "Get Hot" made me watch her original MV again, then the Joongbo performance on WGM, then the Joongbo performance at MBC Awards, then here I am watching the "Manager for a Day" episode again!!! xD

[Photos] Hwangbo At the Circle Nightclub
She's so gorgeous!!!! Thanks to blueroses for sharing her photos at soompi.. I love photos/fancams of events... That's liek my life motto... "Photos, fancams of events, come to me!!!!"



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Susan said...

Thanks alot for the constant updates! I want the ringtones! :)

cati_21 said...

love you dear! thanks for compiling everything in one post! hahahahaha......

we have a new reason to get crazy!
look in soompi!
jungmin singing get hot during a promo plug for taiwan!!!
JOONGBO thread overflowing with spazz and positivity!whahahahahaha......

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please upload the ringtones!! :) it would be an early graduation gift if you do! :D im a huge fan of joongbo and your site! thanks so much for all the updates. :)

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Omg can I have the ringtone and the wakeup call?

Thanks a million! :D

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"photos, fancams of events, come to me" lol thank you SOOO MUCH for your dedication to Joongbo. As a Joongboer, I salut you :P

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I also want the ringtones! thank you!