Monday, June 22, 2009

Message Tone / Morning Calls / Ringtones Etc.

Here zzzey are!!!

I'm about to make ringtones with Get Hot, Please Be Good, and a bunch of Joongbo tracks xD I'll add them later when it's done~

I'm done making the ringtones! woohoo!

Hyunjoong Calls~
  1. Funny Singing
  2. Get Up , Honey! ahohoho~ "Saranghae, I love you, Aishteru.. *kiss*")
  3. Sleepy Hyunjoong
  4. If it's a man, hang up. Hyunjoong Oppa will be jealous.
  5. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do This one is ubbber sweet *w*
  6. SS501 Funny Singing
  7. SS501 Funny Singing 2
  8. Wake Up!!!!
  9. Saranghae! Starts off hyper sweet, then lots of loud sounds go on, and he's shouting at you xD
Ringtones ~
  1. Yoo Ji Hoo's Ringtone
  2. 10 out of 10
  3. Let's Break Away
  4. Song For You
  5. Get Hot Version 1
  6. Get Hot Version 2
  7. Get Hot Version 3
  8. Get Hot Version 4
  9. Please Be Good Version 1
  10. Please Be Good Version 2
  11. Please Be Good Version 3
  12. Please Be Good Version 4


Anonymous said...


-eyeing number 2-
-will download that first LMAO!-

Anonymous said...

kamsahamnida ssangchu heaven, truly.

i check your blog everyday and I have to give a big THANK YOU for all the resources, information and other extra extra things you add. i just recently found out about joongbo but now i am addicted. i don't know kim hyun joong or hwangbo hye jung before watching we got married but im learning about them because of you.

the background music also plays in my room all day! i love all of them and i love that your taste doesn't just stop on idol/mainstream music, but also on the artists that can truly sing and songs that are really good.

im sorry for such a long post!


aimee from malaysia

bb said...

hey, thank you much much!

me have just downloaded nearly everything :p

Anonymous said...


ashleytan8 said...

ahh. i'm in heaven.

thanks so, so so much.

helen said...

thats super coooool~~!!!THank u!!
love these ringtones!!!
waiting for the Joongbo ones~!

sieyee said...

thanks so much for sharing.. your blog really made my day... so happy... thanks

Anonymous said...

omo..i want this but i cant DL from MU..can u pls put MF link...pls pls...

ashleytan8 said...

Ohh. i can't wait for the joongbo tracks!!!!! :D

cati_21 said...

cant wait to get them all! hahahaha
need to go home right now! lol


fellow joongboer said...

hugs and kisses for ssangchu heaven
you always make my day~~~
same with anonymous, i checked your blog every day, three times a day (sometimes even more.
can't thanks you enough
soo much in love with joongbo!!

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; you're welcome ^^

aimee; *hugs* thank you for your message~~ i love joongbo and music so blogging isn't a problem for me hehe,, to the world!

bb; haha!~ for me sometimes it's hard to pick, i alternate between a bunch of changmin & hyunjoong tones xDDD

anonymous; number 9 is one of the funniest!!

ashleytan; no problem ^^~~

helen; they'll be up shortly!~~ im looking for the hwang buin, sarang hae part xDDD

sieyee; you're welcome!!~~

anonymous; ahhh! okay i'll re-up them

ashleytan; xDDD i'll put them~~

cati; *hugs back* you're at work? ahhh.. i wanna have a job too, but my dad doesn't want me to ^^;;

and i have to do double time bcoz i haven't posted the bg songs yet @_@ both should be up today

fellow joongboer; aww,, thank you so much!!! im glad you like the blog *w*~~~


Anonymous said...

I'm a reader too! I visit this blog daily! Thank you so much for everything!!! This post too. It's a pity I don't understand what hyunjoong oppa is saying tho

huifen said...

is anyone experiencing the same prob as me? i downloaded get hot but my media player cant play them. :'(

Anonymous said...

same wit me..u can play through winamp..

Anonymous said...

hello again!!
you really made me miss HJ and HB
im really glad i found out your blog
thanks for posting as many as you can
thank you
but about the song
i really desperate to download them all
but the problem is i cant download them in MegaUpload
i dont know why...
do you have a diffrent site were i can get it all
like MegaFire or something??
looking forward to it :D

Anonymous said...

it will inspire me all throughout. as long as i live.

to the world!!!!

Alvina said...

Man, it's been awhile since I visited the blog last but it's grown soo much!!! I now wake up every morning to Hyun Joong's wake up call (creeper O_o) lol.
Gives me courage to face Uni classes XD

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