Monday, June 1, 2009

Alien Hyunjoong Makes Ddukbokgi

This was back in 2005 in a show called "Thanks For Waking Me Up" with host Park Kyung Lim. [That's why he's in his pajamas and why his hair is like that lol]

You should totally watch this show!!!!

Hyunjoong's Ingredients:

* Grandmother Ma00's spicy sauce.
* Hexagonal shaped dduk made from Incheon's rice; to be dropped in the water vertically
* Lemon
* 2 drops of herbal medicine from Nokyong Oongdam
* Green onions
* Carrots; chopped thickly to make optical illusion for ham.
* Water from the glaciers of Antarctica; to be added when pot is 180 degrees
* Spoonful of soy sauce
* Ramen seasoning; to make the taste right
* Squid


Anonymous said...

"This will create an optic illusion. This way it will look like ham."


bb said...

me love love love this series!

and haha, hyun joong's so cute when he said how he felt he's got the least airtime coz in the past epis, the show would end when he woke up :p