Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hwangbo To Arrive In New York



New Yorkers!! Hwangbo will be at The Circle Nightclub this coming June 12th & 13th for a "Tecktonik Party"!!! I heard DJ Koo will be there too!! ♥

[Gosh darniiit... How come they never visit Chicago DDD: Okay I'm jealous again...]

Bring home some fancams! and pics!~~ xDDD
- I really love them @_@ -
oh oh oh! and another joongbo shirt throwing action!!!! YEAAAHHHH!!~~


tahrehsi said...

I know, I freakin EVNY those people who get to see HWANG BUIN unnie. kekeke! Unnie!! Please stop by L.A & Chicago so me and ssangchuheaven get a chance to see you. :) PLEASEEEEEEEE!!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

hi! it seems their family precept is working. they've been very busy, what do you think?

Ssangchu Heaven said...

tahrehsi; I KNOOOOW!! TT____TT
im sooo jealous... well there's not much asians here so maybe that's the reason...

emy; they're really going for the family motto lol

Yalaphonthai said...

does anybody knw which airport she'll be arriving at? :]

abrlm said...

Of all the weekends she's coming, it's when I'm not available! Too bad!