Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Official Staff Report: SS501 In Hawaii



Staff Report:

The official Triple S Japan fanmeeting in Hawaii!

Isn't it the rainy season?
This time is always damp.
The fanmeeting in Hawaii ended safely.
The members were inaugurated as Goodwill Ambassadors of the 30th Annual Pan Pacific Festival.
Like we mentioned before, they did a hula dance, games, made tropical drinks, and a surprise birthday for Leader!
The 4 were told about it, but I told the leader as well. (Not sure about this part, if you can understand Japanese help me on this one xD)

I realize again the importance of having the fans and the members close like this.
The members returned to Korea with a huge jet lag (laughs)
Our staff also suffered jet lag.

To everyone who supports SS501, thank you.


Anonymous said...

how can the staff laugh that the boys are having huge jet lags? i find that weird..

Anonymous said...

Okay, say its your first time visiting Hawaii..what would any tourist do????....take alot of pictures, right?? (hehe, I would be taking photo-ops everywhere I go)..You'd think their staff would be snap-happy, but I've been looking all over and I haven't or hardly found any. Anyone??? I want candid random shots of them dang-it! lol

Ssangchu Heaven said...

anonymous; i found that cruel too.. =_=

anonymous; there is one photo of the boys i have with them holding hands and walking LOL. Clickie!!!

Anonymous said...

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