Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hey guys, this is the randomest post ever, because it's completely not Joongbo-related but I dunno what to do!

A friend of mine's birthday is coming up and his one wish is to have a David Archuleta autographed book. My friends and I started pitching in for this "cause" LOL, and I figured posting it here might help if ever calling the next day in the stores doesn't work. xD

Is anyone going to his book signing event on these dates/places?

  • 6/1/10 – Bookends – Ridgewood, NJ
  • 6/2/10 – Borders – Manhattan, NY
  • 6/3/10 – Barnes & Noble – Lake Grove, NY
  • 6/5/10 – Barnes & Noble – Bloomington, MN
  • 6/7/10 – Deseret Book – Salt Lake City, UT
  • 6/8/10 – Deseret Book – Orem, UT
  • 6/17/10 – Deseret Book – Rexburg, ID*

Please let me know! We're willing to pay for transportation+book+whatever xD
Email me @ :D

Thank you!!~~


Anonymous said...

I'm not from in any of those states SH sorry T^T

Anonymous said...

have you tried contacting his fansite at They are very helpful and they do gifting campaign as well.